Pareidolia Again

From an announcement: Pareidolia: New Works by Donald Fortescue OPENS January 16, 6:30-8PM, Artist Reception EXHIBITS January 16 – February 22, 2014 Oakland Art Murmur Celebration on February 7, 6-9PM Vessel Gallery, 471 25th Street, Oakland, CA 94612, 510 893 8800 Gallery Hours:  Tuesday through Saturday, 11-6PM You are cordially invited to join us as … Continue reading “Pareidolia Again”

This Will Go On Forever, and Ever: More Jesus Pareidolia in the News

Joe Marino passes along some more Jesus pareidolia from a WND article,  Google photo: Jesus just spotted in sky? As Joe points out the Kit Kat photo, mentioned in the article is old stuff; see, Jesus in Toledo by way of a piece of candy in January, 2011. Mention images of Jesus these days and the … Continue reading “This Will Go On Forever, and Ever: More Jesus Pareidolia in the News”

The Phoenix Pareidolia: But the most famous apparition of Jesus is the Shroud of Turin – a piece of 14th century linen

Are we talking about a 14th century apparition, or what? Leave it to The Sun: A FLOOR tile said to feature an image of Jesus Christ on its surface has seen visitors flock to an American airport. The apparition in Terminal 3 of the busy transport hub in Phoenix, Arizona, has disciples returning regularly to … Continue reading “The Phoenix Pareidolia: But the most famous apparition of Jesus is the Shroud of Turin – a piece of 14th century linen”

The Latest in Pareidolia: Face In Tumour

Yes, there are still some people who think the image on the Shroud is mere Pareidolia. But this is. From the Huffington Post on Nov 2: As reported by The Toronto Star, Canadian doctors were shocked when they looked at an ultrasound image of a testicular tumour (see image above). “It was very ghoulish, like … Continue reading “The Latest in Pareidolia: Face In Tumour”

Another Pareidolia Story: Face of Jesus in bark of handmade cross

Paul Crawley for Channel 11 in Atlanta reports another pareidolia story, this one with a shroud aspect. Even if you don’t believe in these images (I don’t), it’s a nice story, nicely told: The sudden interest is because many see the face of Jesus embedded in the natural pattern of the bark, right where it … Continue reading “Another Pareidolia Story: Face of Jesus in bark of handmade cross”

Pareidolia and the Shroud of Turin: Yes and No

Definitely, Victor Tran has a wonderful quotable quote: The face of Jesus on a burnt tortilla. Now why would the most influential figure to the Christian community manifest itself on a tortilla wrap and a burnt one at that. I posted what follows this paragraph back in November of 2010 under the title, “I Don’t … Continue reading “Pareidolia and the Shroud of Turin: Yes and No”


Yes, it is amazing. But the detail in the shroud images goes well beyond pareidolia. I am afraid, however, that there is a problem with pareidolia when people see things on the shroud that probably aren’t there; for instance coins and lettering, etc. Isn’t it wonderful how the human mind works? Apparently we have a … Continue reading “Pareidolia”

A Critical Summary 3.0 Discussion: One Very Smart Bartender

Colin Berry:  “Personally I think the boniness is prima facie evidence for imprinting by a contact process.” And O.K. with a short presentation with his hands, Shroud Scope and no comment … One really very smart bartender who is something of amateur shroudie:  What’ll it be today? Me: Bud Light  and a Chili Colorado, no … Continue reading “A Critical Summary 3.0 Discussion: One Very Smart Bartender”

Posting For a Slow News Day

Psychosis set in when the radiocarbon dating results for the Shroud of Turin were announced, or when the due date of the Mayan apocalypse came and went. It is about apophenia and pareidolia: the short essay, Beware of the Man in the Ashtray by Neels Blom appearing in Business Day (BDlive of South Africa). Well, … Continue reading “Posting For a Slow News Day”

Interview with Paolo Di Lazzaro

In the website of our laboratory is the web page where you can find all the results, works, publications, interviews and films related to the Shroud studies conducted at ENEA. From a Google translation of an interview conducted by Maria Margherita Peracchino in L’Indro, Shroud: the image impossible according to the ENEA: Interview with Paolo … Continue reading “Interview with Paolo Di Lazzaro”

Paul Maloney’s St. Louis Paper (The Shroud is not a painting)

This list, then, and the complexity it represents, itself becomes a powerful argument against the position that the Shroud was a painting. No artist ever painted such a complex depiction of the Crucified. MUST READ:  You are not going to be able to read this in twenty minutes. You can’t even skim it that quickly. … Continue reading “Paul Maloney’s St. Louis Paper (The Shroud is not a painting)”

Paper Chase: The Second Face Defended

Realizing how easily I had accepted the second image of a face discovery and eventually realizing the need for questioning such discoveries was one of the reasons  I decided to actively blog. The paper in question from the St. Louis Conference is About the Second Image of Face Detected on the Turin Shroud  by Giulio … Continue reading “Paper Chase: The Second Face Defended”

Hello Mr. Zias

A Guest Posting by Yannick Clément An Exchange of Emails with Joe Zias (Wikipedia Entry) Hello everyone! Here, I would simply like to share some precious and very pertinent informations I got from a real expert in ancient Jewish burial rituals who’s name is Joe Zias. Mr. Zias [Pictured]  is a well-known and well-respected Jewish … Continue reading “Hello Mr. Zias”

You would think someone at LiveScience would know better by now

pareidolia again and again and again In a LiveScience article Man in the Comet: Why We See Faces Everywhere we read: Though the face on the comet, with its shadowy profile, looks almost sinister, it is far from unique: Humans are wired to see faces everywhere. In fact, the phenomenon is so common that it … Continue reading “You would think someone at LiveScience would know better by now”

What has Joe Nickell Been Up To Lately?

Lately? This page at CSI offers a quick review over the past year or so. I see nothing related to the Shroud. My favorite is his investigation of the Florida Skunk Ape. Here is a picture of him taking a picture of nothing in order to prove that skunk apes do not exist. I think … Continue reading “What has Joe Nickell Been Up To Lately?”

Max thinks I’m a half-blind arch-skeptic

Max-Patrick Hamon writes to me in a comment and an email: By way of reply to a most unfortunate and desinformative posting of yours entitled “Dear Stephen E. Jones » (May 12, 2013) that triggered Paulette’s most vehement and blind criticism, (“The myth of the coin must end”) and a whole series of biased opinions … Continue reading “Max thinks I’m a half-blind arch-skeptic”

The Forger and the Coins: One in a Gazillion with 13 Zeroes

Yesterday, in his blog, Stephen Jones revisited the topic in a posting entitled, The Shroud of Turin: 2.6. The other marks (5): Coins over eyes. He concludes: Finally, this is yet another problem for the forgery theory[§14]. A medieval, or earlier, forger would have had to imprint the tiny letters 1.3 mm (1/32 inch), four … Continue reading “The Forger and the Coins: One in a Gazillion with 13 Zeroes”