The Phoenix Pareidolia: But the most famous apparition of Jesus is the Shroud of Turin – a piece of 14th century linen

imageAre we talking about a 14th century apparition, or what? Leave it to The Sun:

A FLOOR tile said to feature an image of Jesus Christ on its surface has seen visitors flock to an American airport.

The apparition in Terminal 3 of the busy transport hub in Phoenix, Arizona, has disciples returning regularly to marvel at its resemblance to the son of God.

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Unemployed dental hygienist Becky Martin — who has been to visit the site every day for the last TWO WEEKS — told Phoenix New Times: “It’s definitely Our Lord Jesus Christ.

“He appears to us from time to time in ordinary places, to remind us that He is here with us always, being our spiritual guide.”

And when Becky was asked whether it might be easier for Him to just send a telegram, she replied: “No, if He did everyone would just think it was a fake.

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Catholic priest Father John Shelter warned believers against getting too carried away.

He said: “The Church doesn’t automatically put its seal of approval on every apparition.

“They typically wait a few years before weighing in on its significance.

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The most famous apparition of Jesus is thought to be the Shroud of Turin – a piece of fourteenth century linen said to bear the image of Christ which is housed in northern Italy.

It is still the subject of intense debate and speculation to this day.

Keep it simple; just call it a piece of 14th century linen.

4 thoughts on “The Phoenix Pareidolia: But the most famous apparition of Jesus is the Shroud of Turin – a piece of 14th century linen”

  1. Why no opponent of coins, letters, flowers etc. observed on the Shroud claims that the body image is nothing else but pareidolia? A random shape in the human form, that everyone thinks represents real human (but it is nothing else but optical illusion). Just like other random shapes are claimed to be real objects.

    This was just an irony, of course.

  2. The comparison was not at all necessary, and since when is the TS an “apparition”?

  3. Reminder, on June 12, 2013 at 9:49 am (#22 Reply), I wrote:
    “Pareidolia, Apophenia and Hierophany (PAH triad), as psychological phenomena, DID influence diverse cultures across the world. My personal research work and finds in archaeocryptology leads to me conclude that PAH seems to be present in the origin and/or development of the religions, Christianism INCLUDED.”

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