This is the sort of thing that hurts the reputation of shroud science

The first thing you notice is the headline that reads, “EXCLUSIVE: Newly Published Images of the Shroud of Turin.” That exact headline appears in dozens of blogs and so do the images. So much for exclusive. The second thing you notice is the gobbledygook. When I see words like “proprietary technology” in this context I immediately think of the proprietary cure-all formulations of snake oil sold by peddlers from the back of mule drawn wagons.

imageThis is the sort of stuff that hurts the reputation of shroud science. This notion that the eyes are sometimes closed and sometime open or that Jesus is pictured with King Herod on Jesus’ abdomen is extreme pareidolia mixed with a wild imagination using highly manipulated photographs: nothing more.

The exclusive article reads:

Ron Stewart has consulted with law enforcement and various museums, including the Brooklyn Museum, in regards to analyzing photos and actual artifacts with his proprietary imaging technology, which is called Infinite Macroscopic Microscopic Imaging (IMMI).   The IMMI technology is a proprietary technology that in part uses at least three different combined imaging technologies, known in scientific terms as :  ”Preliminary, estimated, and extremely advanced Deconvolution Wavelet Transforms”.  In layman’s terms this simply means: “when an image is distorted, blurred, and unclear, that in part these three combined technologies will bring the image into appropriate resolution, clarity, and focus,”.

Mr. Stewart  holds a Doctorate of Theology in World History ; Emphasis On Historical Archaeology, and also has a Ph.D. in Theoretics.  Additionally he holds a Bachelor degree in Electronics with a focus in Imaging and Photography.  The culmination of these various degrees has resulted in the development of his specialized form of imaging and analysis.  For more information on his images of the Shroud, please visit his website at’

Get me some documentation that explains how to really unblur a picture or get me a letter from the director of the Brooklyn Museum telling me that Stewart is on to something and I’ll give this some real consideration. Well at least I’ll look at the pictures again.

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  1. I have enjoyed entering “Infinite Macroscopic Microscopic Imaging” into Google, and finding a detailed image of the internal structure of an electron derived from nothing more than an ordinary camera photo of a needle. I notice that the MM is also short for “Microscopic Macroscopic” and even “Microscopic to Macroscopic.” Most of the scholarly articles devoted to this subject are published by Dr Stewart in various ‘Journals of Science’ such as the ‘International Journal of Astronomy and Astrophysics Research’ (not to be confused with the more familiar ‘Astronomy and Astrophysics’) and another collective called ‘Independent Archaeology Notes,’ which includes the ‘Journal of Biblical Archaeology’ and the ‘Journal of Biblical Sciences.’ Remarkably, almost every one of the papers available on the internet under any of these headings has Dr Stewart as its sole or principal author, so I was relieved to see that they had been peer-reviewed: by the International Society of Peer Reviewers. Sadly, this international society is only represented on the internet as a ‘linked-in’ group, whose owner, I was surprised to see, is …
    [sadly, the author of this post was unable to continue as he fell off his chair laughing, and this last sentence was typed by his highly trained pet guinea-pig]

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