‘Tis the Season: An Unusual Way to Sell Shroud-Based Art Of A Sort

Yeah, right: “This OFFICIAL, non-profit website is dedicated to sharing The Man In The Cloth Portrait with all, regardless of race, color or Creed.”

imageThe site is elegant; he must have put a lot of work into it. Through his site, you can donate to this guy’s non-profit* or you can buy a Master Edition two-foot by three-foot copy of his work, on canvas, for a mere $6,850.00 or a signed and numbered paper print for $101.00 (but be fast because the artist will increase the price by one dollar for each one he sell or something like that) . You can also have a postcard sized print for $19.00.

Here is what E. Laurence Bake, the artist, says on the home page of his website:

But now, with the tools of modern computer technology, space-age photography and the hands of a truly inspired artist, E. Laurence Bake, a stunning new reality has been REVEALED – a mathematically precise, magnificently rendered, life-like "Portrait of the Man In The Cloth."   And who could have imagined such precise facial features, or the stunning masculinity and profound gaze of love, understanding and spirituality that has awaited Man’s discovery for centuries. 

In this OFFICIAL online exhibition The Man In The Cloth is now fully revealed, visible for all of us to marvel at and wonder:  What kind of glorious creator (God or artist) could have possibly made and preserved such powerful masculinity, such beauty in a simple piece of cloth?  As International businessman, Vijay Kumar put it, "It’s as if he is emerging out of the darkness of Man’s violent past, into the light of the new modern age. The Shroud is the image of a crucified man, yet when I look into those eyes all I see is pure love and compassion."

Retired ship Captain, Val LaFrance commented, "How could anything so magnificent be hidden in the threads of a linen cloth, waiting until Man could fly ships to the stars and the tools of the modern age were capable of revealing His existence? It’s a masterpiece."

Yet another viewer concluded, "It is an invitation to humanity to look beyond the limits of the material world and ask: what treasures might the human spirit hold? What kind of world could we create if love and compassion replaced hatred and violence on Earth?"

This OFFICIAL, non-profit website is dedicated to sharing The Man In The Cloth Portrait with all, regardless of race, color or Creed.  We are also dedicated to providing you with only the finest, highest quality reproductions of The Portrait possible with todays technology.  Every Limited Edition released is designed to hold its value, color and beauty for the next 100 years.

* I just wonder if this Florida-based non-profit fellow has filed a 501(c)3 with the IRS.  And what does OFFICIAL mean?

Where to Get Shroud-Based Art for Christmas

imageWorks of art by Ray Downing (The Real Face of Jesus) is for sale at Fine Art America. Various display quality formats* are available including folded greeting cards.


A 24 x 30 canvas print with metal frame will set you back $351.10. Smaller sizes are available.

Ray Downing is an Emmy winning 3D digital artist. In 2010 he created the Virtual Abraham Lincoln, which was featured in the History Channel special ‘Stealing Lincoln’s Body’. The following year he created a Virtual Jesus using the 3D information found in the Shroud of Turin. The Virtual Jesus appeared in another History Channel special entitled ‘The Real Face of Jesus?’ which was nominated for several international non-fiction awards and has been aired around the world.



* Canvas, Acrylic, Metal, Poster, Greeting Cards

imageWe also learn from the STERA Facebook page that

In case you missed it, our Backlit Shroud Face transparency in 11" x 14" PhotoGlow Frame is ON SALE until December 31, 2015. Each transparency is mounted in a custom frame only 13/16" thick and is ready to hang. The built-in LED backlighting system is equipped with an inline dimmer that allows you to adjust and control the brightness of the backlight display. Read more [here] … or click on the photo below for details. This is a great gift for those who want to display a truly striking image of the Shroud in their homes or offices.

There is a lot of other stuff at the STERA, Inc. Shroud of Turin Website Store

Way Too Early This All Saints Day

imageSo it is way too early in the morning for a day when the clocks are turned back to standard time. While waiting for the Fall Update to shroud.com, promised for today, I spotted this picture on the Holy Shroud Guild Facebook page.  Mark Pedro posted it and wrote, “A digital artist took all the renditions of the man of the shroud and came up with this picture.”

It looked familiar.  It looked like the portrait by Ariel Agemian based on the image on the Shroud of Turin..  But then again, it was slightly different if you looked closely.  A bit of image Googling turned this up on Flickr. Someone named Boatshallow, back in 2010, wrote:

Jesus Christ, what did he really look like? I made this picture by combining several Jesus images made by artists throughout centuries. Here is one view on this matter.

He also made an interesting video using this image.


This video tells about God who is present and can be found anywhere through faith in Jesus Christ. Just let him into your Heart to be your friend that never lets you down.
I made the picture of the man in video through combining several Jesus pictures into one with Imagemorph.

What he really looks like? I think that is not important. But for me it is great to know (and believe) that one day we will see Him face to Face.
He can give so much more to you than you can ever imagine. You never need to be lonely anymore. He will give you such Joy that you can’t find anywhere else. Just give Him a chance : )


Music: Grace, from Michael W. Smiths Album New Hallelujah, 2008

Not a Work of Art by Leonardo da Vinci

Russ Breault writes:

Here is the second part of an interview I did with Isabel about 7 years ago and in this segment, Isabel addresses whether the Shroud could have been the work of Leonardo da Vinci. 

FYI: Tasteless Art

imageThis is from an authentic press release:

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla., July 29, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — A "nude shroud of Tom Cruise" will be unveiled as a tribute to the actor’s 25thanniversary with the Church of Scientology. The silver anniversary celebration reaffirming his commitment will take place at a "Pop-up Church of Scientology" near its Clearwater headquarters as part of a larger exhibit of the actor. Commissioned curator and artist Daniel Edwards assisted Cory Allen Contemporary Art with exhibition arrangements scheduled for August.

Like the famed Shroud of Turin, the "Shroud of Scientology" is rectangular, measuring approximately 14×3 feet. It features a silverish image of a naked Tom Cruise, front and back view …  The two views are aligned along the mid-plane of the body with both views of the head nearly meeting at the middle of the cloth ….


"Radiocarbon dating will never rule out the Shroud of Scientology’s authenticity. It exists as a document of Tom Cruise’s faith in Scientology – a photo negative of the radiance of his soul. It gives evidence for future generations that Tom Cruise not only belonged to Scientology, but saved it from obscurity," said Edwards.


"Pop-up Church of Scientology" featuring the "Shroud of Scientology" will open to the public at Cory Allen Contemporary Art’s The Showroom, in the Warehouse Arts District, St. Petersburg, Florida, on August 8, 2015. A media conference is scheduled prior to the exhibit on August 6, from 12-4 p.m. For information, contact Cory Allen: 323-393-3115 or http://www.cacanet.com/.

If you want to get a peek, visit the website for Cory Allen Contemporary Art and watch the homepage slideshow for a minute or so.

Nicely Summarized, Colin

image“That’s really all I have to say to Charles Freeman,” writes Colin Berry after saying quite a bit HERE IN HIS BLOG, starting about two-fifths of the way down the page (scan for, “Let’s return …”),

“except for this:”

some of us have spent the best part of 3-4 years, attempting to fit together the pieces of the ‘Shroud’ jigsaw puzzle – scientific, historical and biblical, to form a coherent and credible whole. Charles Freeman appears not to understand that there is a jigsaw puzzle, or if he does, has contemptuously kicked it aside in his oh-so-condescending magazine piece that tells the world it was ‘just another painting’ , which conveniently for him has somehow managed to lose ALL chemical traces of its pigment leaving us scientists dottily obsessed and spellbound by a mere ‘shadow image’ (undefined except, that is, for its curious and unique set of properties – negative but non-photographic image, 3D properties, ultra-superficial, easily detachable, half-tone character, diimide-bleachable, etc etc). Taking a celebrated line from "1066 And All That" I personally would rather be seen as "Right but Repulsive" than "Wrong but Romantic".

Nicely said, Colin. No, really, I mean it. Sorry to have to say so in the black hole. I tried to say it on your site but I showed up as “Unknown.”

Swipe of the Day

Take that, Charles Freeman

From Colin Berry’s posting entitled, The Turin so-called Shroud: stunningly successful realization of a 14th century thought experiment?


Colin’s caption:

imageNotre Dame Cathedral Paris, built 1163-1345. That’s just the inside. One wonders how the unsophisticated  medieval mind as portrayed by Charles Freeman, so easily confused we’re told between one image and another,  pre- verus post-mortem, could have been capable of producing this.

It’s easy. Some people, even today, are confused between negatives and positives, etc. Nonetheless, point taken.