imageThis is from an authentic press release:

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla., July 29, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — A "nude shroud of Tom Cruise" will be unveiled as a tribute to the actor’s 25thanniversary with the Church of Scientology. The silver anniversary celebration reaffirming his commitment will take place at a "Pop-up Church of Scientology" near its Clearwater headquarters as part of a larger exhibit of the actor. Commissioned curator and artist Daniel Edwards assisted Cory Allen Contemporary Art with exhibition arrangements scheduled for August.

Like the famed Shroud of Turin, the "Shroud of Scientology" is rectangular, measuring approximately 14×3 feet. It features a silverish image of a naked Tom Cruise, front and back view …  The two views are aligned along the mid-plane of the body with both views of the head nearly meeting at the middle of the cloth ….


"Radiocarbon dating will never rule out the Shroud of Scientology’s authenticity. It exists as a document of Tom Cruise’s faith in Scientology – a photo negative of the radiance of his soul. It gives evidence for future generations that Tom Cruise not only belonged to Scientology, but saved it from obscurity," said Edwards.


"Pop-up Church of Scientology" featuring the "Shroud of Scientology" will open to the public at Cory Allen Contemporary Art’s The Showroom, in the Warehouse Arts District, St. Petersburg, Florida, on August 8, 2015. A media conference is scheduled prior to the exhibit on August 6, from 12-4 p.m. For information, contact Cory Allen: 323-393-3115 or

If you want to get a peek, visit the website for Cory Allen Contemporary Art and watch the homepage slideshow for a minute or so.