imageSo it is way too early in the morning for a day when the clocks are turned back to standard time. While waiting for the Fall Update to, promised for today, I spotted this picture on the Holy Shroud Guild Facebook page.  Mark Pedro posted it and wrote, “A digital artist took all the renditions of the man of the shroud and came up with this picture.”

It looked familiar.  It looked like the portrait by Ariel Agemian based on the image on the Shroud of Turin..  But then again, it was slightly different if you looked closely.  A bit of image Googling turned this up on Flickr. Someone named Boatshallow, back in 2010, wrote:

Jesus Christ, what did he really look like? I made this picture by combining several Jesus images made by artists throughout centuries. Here is one view on this matter.

He also made an interesting video using this image.

This video tells about God who is present and can be found anywhere through faith in Jesus Christ. Just let him into your Heart to be your friend that never lets you down.
I made the picture of the man in video through combining several Jesus pictures into one with Imagemorph.

What he really looks like? I think that is not important. But for me it is great to know (and believe) that one day we will see Him face to Face.
He can give so much more to you than you can ever imagine. You never need to be lonely anymore. He will give you such Joy that you can’t find anywhere else. Just give Him a chance : )


Music: Grace, from Michael W. Smiths Album New Hallelujah, 2008