Where to Get Shroud-Based Art for Christmas

imageWorks of art by Ray Downing (The Real Face of Jesus) is for sale at Fine Art America. Various display quality formats* are available including folded greeting cards.


A 24 x 30 canvas print with metal frame will set you back $351.10. Smaller sizes are available.

Ray Downing is an Emmy winning 3D digital artist. In 2010 he created the Virtual Abraham Lincoln, which was featured in the History Channel special ‘Stealing Lincoln’s Body’. The following year he created a Virtual Jesus using the 3D information found in the Shroud of Turin. The Virtual Jesus appeared in another History Channel special entitled ‘The Real Face of Jesus?’ which was nominated for several international non-fiction awards and has been aired around the world.



* Canvas, Acrylic, Metal, Poster, Greeting Cards

imageWe also learn from the STERA Facebook page that

In case you missed it, our Backlit Shroud Face transparency in 11" x 14" PhotoGlow Frame is ON SALE until December 31, 2015. Each transparency is mounted in a custom frame only 13/16" thick and is ready to hang. The built-in LED backlighting system is equipped with an inline dimmer that allows you to adjust and control the brightness of the backlight display. Read more [here] … or click on the photo below for details. This is a great gift for those who want to display a truly striking image of the Shroud in their homes or offices.

There is a lot of other stuff at the STERA, Inc. Shroud of Turin Website Store

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  1. The revelation of all revelations : God love us so much (i.e. the whole world and not just the Christians) that he came to us in humility in a real human body just like the one we got! UNBELIEVABLE! In fact, the human God was so « ordinary » that most people never recognized him, even when he was in front of them! To me, that’s the kind of God who deserve to be followed (not served as a servant, but followed) and, truly, here, we’re very far from the great circus displayed by the great religions of the world and especially the Catholic Church, with all its « royal » ceremonies (we will got a lot of this in Rome in the upcoming months with the ceremonies for the year of Mercy) and all that… This kind of show is signed « human », not God.

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