David Rolfe’s Website

imageA reader writes:

I just visited [David Rolfe’s] Shroud Enigma website.  It has been a long time since I looked at it and I see that it has been revised to emphasize his wonderful Shroud of Turin films.  Maybe you could direct your readers to it.

Indeed. The site is The Enigma of the Shroud of Turin. And indeed the films are wonderful. However, I must say more. The Silent Witness, available on Vimeo, is truly a seminal work for the ages.

I had not visited in awhile as well. Thanks for guiding me back to David’s site. 

Searching for Papers

imageA reader writes:

… you know that by typing in “shroud.com/pdfs" you get a list of all of the pdf papers on the site in alphabetical order. This can be useful in doing research. You should let others on your blog know.

Actually, the pdfs directory is not the only place pdf files are stored on the site.

The preferred method, to my way of thinking, is to use the following Google search:

 site:shroud.com/ filetype:pdf

If you want to limit yourself to the pdfs directory (why would you?) modify the command so it reads thus:

site:shroud.com/pdfs/ filetype:pdf

If you want to search elsewhere, you may. For instance:

site:holyshroudguild.org/ filetype:pdf

site:shroudencounter.com/ filetype:pdf

site:shroud.it/ filetype:pdf

With any of these searches, it is a good idea to add some words like shroud or pollen or whatever is your particular interest of the moment.

If you start your search with Google Advanced Search, you can specify a language.

Academia.edu is altogether another matter.   It is a rich archive of papers on the shroud – probably the largest and you’ll find many newer English language papers there – but you can’t search it with Google or any of the other major search engines if you specify a filetype. So don’t. On the other hand, it is a good bet that whatever it is you find in Academia.edu, it will be a PDF file. And using words like Shroud and Turin are a must. For instance the following work well in Google:

site:academia.edu shroud of turin

Donate to STERA

imageBarrie Schwortz has posted the following on the STERA Facebook page:

We hope you are enjoying the Fall Update to Shroud.com! It was a large one and also launched our once-a-year fundraising effort. Naturally, we hope many of you will make a tax deductible contribution to STERA, Inc. since we must rely in part on our viewers for financial support. We have made it easy to safely contribute online using PayPal or a credit or debit card via our Secure Contribution Form. You can also contribute by mail or by telephone. We thank you in advance for your consideration and generosity.


Here is a link to the Nonprofit Locator page on STERA

Here is a link to latest IRS 990 I could find online.

Fall Update to shroud.com

Here it is, as promised, and right on time. In an email to subscribers, Barrie Schwortz writes:

We are happy to announce that our major Fall Update is now online! Just visit our Late Breaking Website News page for all the details.

This update leads off with my full report on the 49th annual Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Jalsa Salana UK Convention that was held in Hampshire, England, in August of this year, where I was invited to speak by the publishers of the highly respected 113 year old journal, The Review of Religions. I was joined by Pam Moon, who displayed materials from her beautiful Shroud of Turin Exhibition, including a lifesize Shroud replica and lifesize prints. The article also includes many photographs and videos from the event.

We have also added the next ten issues of Rex Morgan’s Shroud News, a report on the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis Exhibit, a memorial for the passing of two long time Shroud researchers and an article about another relic that is of interest to Shroud researchers.

You will also find a large selection of recently published Shroud articles and papers, a list of recently published books and newly released videos, news of a special sale on our backlit Shroud transparencies in PhotoGlow frames from our Website Store page, important information about our 20th anniversary update coming on January 21, 2016and much more.

This update is a big one and should keep you busy through the holidays, so enjoy reading all the new material!…

CONTRIBUTE:  With this update, STERA, Inc. begins its annual fundraising campaign.  STERA, which operates shroud.com is a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit. Here is a Financial Summary. As you can readily see by it, even a small tax-deductible contribution can make a big difference.

Here is a linked up table of contents for the Late Breaking Website News page:

Picture is inline at shroud.com. Caption reads:  “Arif Khan and Barrie Schwortz on Live TV to 50 Million Viewers in Africa. … ©2015 Review of Religions

Update to shroud.com around November 1

imageBarrie Schwortz lets us know by way of Facebook:

I am currently working on our fall website update, which will go online around November 1st and will include ten more issues of Rex Morgan’s Shroud News. We published the first 18 issues in our last update and will continue until the entire collection is archived online. The publication provides a fascinating view of Sindonology in the 1980’s and 90’s and is well worth reading.

And he provides a link to the page at shroud.com.

Removing Weave Pattern from Images of the Shroud of Turin

Click on the picture to view larger image

imageWilfredo Orozco ( http://espacial.org & https://www.facebook.com/wilfredo.orozco.77 )from from Mendoza, Argentina writes:

With great pleasure I write to you from Mendoza, Argentina. I am the editor of the site "Espacial.org". This site is a scientific magazine with no lucrative aims.

I am sending you an image of the Man’s face of Shroud of Turin. I processed this image using a technique called FFT (Fast Fourier Transform). This technique is used to remove (or  attenuate) repetitive patterns from an image (for example the cloth pattern of Shroud of Turin). The program was written in C++.

More info:


I think the result is very good. I hope that this image is to your liking!

I’m not a believer, but the case of the Shroud of Turin is mysterious and intriguing…

I send cordial greetings.

I’m wondering if the program is available?  Would it be useful to others?

Congratulations, Barrie Schwortz

imageAs he tells us on Facebook:

Last weekend while I was lecturing in Indiana, our front page counter broke the 5 million mark. I was wondering who out there might have been the one to see it reach that milestone when, to my surprise, I received the below frame grab from our good friend Rudi Berwanger in Germany. Thanks Rudi, for sharing that moment with us! In case you missed it, you might also want to read the article I posted last year titled “About That Counter…” at http://www.shroud.com/late14.htm#counter. (Note that the counter registers only those viewers who enter the website via the front page, so it only represents about 35% of our total actual visitors).

Founded by Barrie, shroud.com has had a long and important history as a primary source of information on the shroud since 1976. It is a go to publisher of shroud related papers and web pages. If you haven’t done so lately, visit the menu page and review the comprehensive General and In-Depth tables of contents.