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imageMario, in a posting three days ago, tells us in words and pictures about Lirey:

The first ostentations of the Shroud of Turin in the Western world was in Lirey, a hamlet 16 km south of Troyes, the nearest large city. Lirey is still today a hamlet with a few houses and a 19th century chapel located on the same piece of land where the first chapel was built in 1353. The first ostentation of the Shroud would have been in 1356 or 1357. In 1418, the Shroud leaves the chapel and Lirey to be kept at the Montfort castle under the protection of Humbert de Villersexel. The Shroud never came back to Lirey although the clercs of Lirey tried to regain the Shroud many times over a century. A second chapel was inaugurated in 1525, which was demolished in 1828. A third chapel was built at the end of the 19th century. The following photographs show the inside and outside of this third chapel at Lirey.

There is more. Go look.

2 thoughts on “Checking In on Mario Latendresse’s Sindonology Dot Org”

  1. Very interesting …however one fact is overlooked Jeanne de Vergy , direct descendent of
    Ot Othon de la Roche de Ray who imported the Shroud to the de Ray castle, married the
    Great French knight de Charney and together they built the leRey (le Ray) chapel…I have
    Been there but the original chapel was wood….the chateau of my de Gruy ancestors now
    Destroyed was a few miles from the chapel at Magny Fouchard France…they relate to
    The history of St Bernard whose Abbey , Clairvaux is only 15 kilometers distant…
    Please google the many blogs I have written about this history…..

  2. Eugene wrote: “Othon de la Roche de Ray who imported the Shroud to the de Ray castle”

    Alternative reading: Othon de la Roche de Ray who imported a painted copy/reproduction at a smaller scale of the Shroud to the de Ray castle.

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