How to win friends and influence Google

A reader writes:

imageHere is a tip for all of you English language Shroud of Turin website owners. Have you ever noticed that if you enter sindone into Google, Wikipedia’s Shroud of Turin page and this blog are listed on the first page of results?  Where is your website? You need to get the word sindone, and while you are at it, the phrase La Sábana Santa de Turín into your home page and some of your next level pages. Barrie, your link to a Spanish language page should include La Sábana Santa de Turín. You will see positive results in just a few days.

(Bolding by me)

IF IT AIN’T BROKE DON’T FIX IT:  As for the use of the word sindone on home pages, I agree.  It shroud help Google rankings. But when I search on ‘La Sábana Santa de Turín’ I find listed several times on the first page of results. I think Barrie has it handled. I’d be inclined to leave it alone.