James Randi Visits the Shroud of Turin

imageFrom the Facebook page of James Randi, famed magician, arch-skeptic of all things supernatural and mentor to Joe Nickell, we have this picture and accompanying text:

I just returned from a great trip to Italy, and this time I was there when the fabulous "Shroud of Turin" was again being displayed to the eagerly gullible. Massimo took me to see it.

This huge rag — so thoroughly and authoritatively discredited by experts as even originating during the life of Christ — was guarded every 15 feet or so by garishly-costumed volunteers who glowered at me, perhaps because I so resembled a rabbi, but since the terrain was very bumpy I was given a wheelchair and was thereby had a very close-up view of the relic. In fact, I sat immediately beneath it, but found that I was far more fascinated by the hushed faithful who stood in reverent silence before it as the commentary droned on.

I must thank Roberta Baria for taking many photos and keeping me company. It was the first time I’d had a chance to see this fascinating object. and so very up close. I found the experience very interesting indeed…

4 thoughts on “James Randi Visits the Shroud of Turin”

  1. He went to see the “huge rag” with his head stuffed with all kinds of prejudice.

  2. James Randi says: “This huge rag.”

    My reply to the “Amazing Randi.”

    Poof, be gone! :)

  3. Archaeometry and Time:
    The strange Case of “Turin Shroud Archaeometry” …

    Seventeen years and no one has been able to determine anything from the point of view of nanometric Research (see also: AFM controls…)!
    In my opinion, this is the stunning fact, an incredible stop to the Archeometry
    (despite the interesting claims by Campanella and the attempts
    by prof. Giulio Fanti, etc., etc.)!
    No true advances in archaeometric research … this is the sad situation (IMO).

  4. Wasn’t there a prize of something like $20,000 for somebody to produce a duplicate of the shroud with certain authentic properties? offered a few years ago I recall. Randi should have claimed it by now, eh?

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