Upcoming Talks by David Rolfe

imageDavid Rolfe has two upcoming talks. One is at St Joseph’s Church, Maidenhead at 7:30 pm Good Friday 18th April. 

On May 16th, at 7:00 pm he will be at the Gulbenkian Theatre at the University of Kent, in Canterbury. I understand that there will be a reception with refreshments at 6:30 prior to David’s talk

David also informs me that the 2010 Exposition film may be download at: http://www.shroud-enigma.com/Shop/Shop.php and that until Easter you can get it at half price, that is £5.99 less 50% = £2.99.  They just need to enter the code SS2014

Happy Passover


imageElon Gilad has an interesting write up on Passover in Haaretz this morning:

Once the house is clean, a large meal is prepared. Jews in Israel and the Diaspora of varying levels of religiosity assemble round the table and enjoy a scripted holiday meal.

The Haggadah

The script of the meal is contained in a book called the Haggadah (“the telling”), which dictates the evening’s proceedings.

The Haggadah wasn’t written by any one person or group. Rather, it evolved over the centuries, beginning in the years after the destruction of the Second Temple and to this very day.

While the major parts of the Haggadah remain the same, variations arose based on culture, local tradition and the like. As for the evolution of the book still taking place – there has been a virtual explosion of versions in recent generations, including versions for feminists, for the LGBT community, and so on. There are even versions for atheists that leave the Lord entirely out of the process.

The major objective of the evening is to retell the story of the exodus of the Jewish people from bondage in Egypt, as told in the Book of Exodus. This is traditionally believed to have taken place in 1,313 B.C.E.

Most of the Haggadah is in Hebrew, though some parts are in Aramaic. It tells the story of the Exodus, with foods serving as props.

Picture: A Passover Haggadah from Vienna, 1930. Photo by Reuters

Russ Breault in Saratoga Springs on Wednesday

imageSt. Paul’s Evangelical Lutheran Church in Saratoga Springs, New York, is announcing:

Shroud Encounter

Starts: April 16, 2014 at 7:00 pm
Ends: April 16, 2014 at 10:00 pm

On Wednesday April 16th St Paul’s will welcome Russ Breault for a presentation of Shroud Encounter at 7 pm, followed by a reception at 8:30 pm.

Shroud Encounter is a dramatic big screen experience and in-depth exploration into the mysteries of the Shroud of Turin. Using a CSI approach, audiences are taken on a thought provoking adventure through early church history, ancient art, modern science, and medical forensics.

Could the Shroud be the most important archaeological artifact ever found, or is it just a medieval fake? Does it provide clues to what happened during the crucifixion and resurrection, or is it just a pious art work created to represent these events? After thousands of hours of scientific analysis, the Shroud remains a profound mystery.

Tickets are required and can be obtained through the church office.

Join us for what promises to be an interesting, thought-provoking, and even entertaining evening!

Petrus Soons to Present His Scientific Research at the University of Miami

if these images are truly scientific, then the unexplained screams out to be explained.

imageeVeritas: News for the Faculty and Staff of the University of Miami, reports that a 3D Exhibition on Shroud of Turin Visits Campus April 14:

UM’s Catholic Campus Ministry, along with the Franciscans of Mary, Missionaries of Gratitude, will present the 3D-hologram exhibit, “The Holy Shroud—the Burial Cloth of Christ,” and a lecture by its creator at 8 p.m. on Monday, April 14, on the University Center Patio.

At the event, which is open to students, faculty, and staff, Dutch scientist Petrus Soons will present his scientific research on the images of Christ on the shroud.

For more information on Soons and the history and creation of the Holy Shroud of Turin in 3D, visit http://shroud3d.com/.  For more information on the event, please contact Michelle Ducker at michelle@ucatholic.org or Lourdes Wolf Marenus at lwolf@miami.edu.

As some of you know, I certainly have real reservations about Petrus Soons’ 3D work., that statement being the title of a posting from November 2012 in which I wrote what follows (below the line).

Bernardo Galmarini, “the 3D expert that produced the conversion from 2D to 3D,” writes on the shroud3d site [which is Petrus Soons’ site]:

I thought at first, that in this more scientific conversion, the hidden information in the Shroud (3D information in the gray-scale), would be a nuisance or obstacle to produce a human representation of the face, and that I would have to struggle continuously against this. Strangely enough, this hidden scientific information in the Shroud became the key and the basis for this work, reducing my artistic work to only softening the “holes” and deformities (caused surely by the passing of time) and the adapting to what this scientific version commands you to do: filling in and normalizing the “holes” or “dead areas” in the hidden information of the linen. For example: the areas without information in the forehead have been corrected following the surrounding gray-scale with coherent information and with a normal human forehead in mind. This process was helped by the fact, that the central zone of the forehead and the bony structure of the orbits contain very coherent information and that of course was taken as a guideline.

That statement lacks needed clarity. There are certainly holes and deformities. Why is not clear in most cases. It seems completely unjustified to speculate that these are caused by the passing of time. Without knowing how the image was formed, without knowing much about how the shroud was stored or displayed over many centuries, we shouldn’t make such guesses.

bandinginfaceExactly what are the holes and deformities? They have not been detailed on the website. The bloodstains certainly are a problem and to make adjustments for these is perhaps warranted. But what about other deformities? How is the problem of banding addressed? Banding, a variegated background pattern to the cloth, perhaps the result of how the thread of the cloth was bleached and having nothing to do with the passing of time, is certainly the single biggest deformity that exists. It gets peculiar treatment in this new 3D work. The left side of the face (our right) has been partially retouched to minimize the effect. The other side of the face is shaped as though there was no banding but the banding remains. Pictured here is an estimate of the banding in the area of the face.

At the bottom of the beard and the lower areas of the hair, darker areas that are not the result of banding are strikingly evident. These relatively dark areas don’t recede towards the background as expected for grayscale plotting. (You can’t see this without 3D glasses. Don’t even try.) What is the rationale for this obviously apparent artistic adjustment? Moreover, hair above the forehead pompadours frontward without grayscale tones to support it. This hair and facial hair treatment seems artistic.

The entire head and shoulders seem to be completely detached from the background. You can, with 3D glasses on, move your own head ever so slightly and see detached movement. (Again, you can’t see this without 3D glasses.) Galmarini speaks of “hidden scientific information,” presumably but not explicitly the grayscale. I can’t find any data in support of this phenomenon. It seems as though an artificial outline has been introduced around the human form. There does not seem to be any such outline on the Shroud. In fact, researchers, over the years, have noted this lack of outline because it is something that an artist, had an artist created the Shroud, would have certainly included. Interestingly, the areas of the lower neck and upper shoulders, though darker than the background, don’t recede into the background and don’t show detached movement. Most amazingly, the lower part of a prominent water stain above the face is now worn in the hair like a miniature yarmulke while the upper part of the stain adorns the background. This, to my way of thinking, strongly suggests the use of false outlines. What other reason can there be other than to enhance the 3D effect?

The most surprising thing is that the grayscale tones that to the untrained eye look like highlights and shadows, but that in fact become the basis for plotting three-dimensionality, remain in place in the plotted image. If you plot a three-dimensional object from the grayscale density you should have something that looks like a stone statue. Whatever highlights and shadows seem to exist in any resulting computerized virtual-reality image should only be from artificially introduced light placed at a calculated angle and distance in the virtual world. This is what the VP8 Analyzer does and what other software packages such as POV-Ray do. But in the anaglyph in question, it looks as though the original image was stretched like a thin film over the calculated shape. Original highlights, shadows and even herringbone twill patterns are there.

I’m willing to be convinced that I am wrong, that the anaglyph in question is scientific. I would actually like this. If this were so we would have something that is truly amazing. Clarity is needed, however. Specifics are required. I would like to see how much of this conversion to 3D is reproducible in a scientific sense and how much is "only softening the ‘holes’ and deformities."

In order to claim that the 3D images on this site are scientific the steps and procedures must be reproducible by others, at least in theory. Documentation is needed.

  1. We should know the software or algorithm used to plot the image including any variables or settings used.
  2. The terminology “hidden scientific information” should be clarified. It is essential to understand how plotting software uses this data.
  3. Expose higher resolution images for examination if the work was done in higher resolution. While this image may be 800 pixels wide, the resolution is no better than 72 ppi. Ordinary books carry pictures at four times the number of pixels per inch.
  4. We should be able to see, in anaglyph form for comparison, the unadjusted, scientifically plotted part of the project so that we can judge for ourselves just how much of the final product is by way of adjustment.
  5. All adjustments made should be explained and justified.

It bothers me to think that these images will be used, as the pastor suggests, in presentations to show the 3D characteristics of the Shroud. These images are certainly being displayed in churches, in exhibits and on the internet without the qualification that this is art and not science. If that is so, it is most unfortunate.

On the other hand, if these images are truly scientific, then the unexplained screams out to be explained.

Don’t get me wrong. There is 3D data in the Shroud’s images. It is the most important quality for knowing that these are not images formed by reflected light as a painter would envision or a camera would capture a human form. The 3D data is a quality that must be accounted for in any hypothesis attempting to explain how the images were formed, be it miraculously, naturally, by fakery or even as honest art. Indeed, this quality, treated scientifically without various forms of electronic manipulation, sooner or later, may suggest how the images were formed.

Two Upcoming Shroud Encounters


like tomorrow and the day after in Georgia

Come see this highly acclaimed presentation enhanced with over 200 dramatic images. It is a true CSI investigation revealing clues from science, history and scripture as the mystery is explored.

  • Saturday, April 12 at 7:00pm in EDT at Saint Monica Catholic Church, 1700 Buford Hwy, Duluth, GA (www.saintmonicas.com)

  • Sunday, April 13 at 7:00pm in EDT at Kingswood UMC Church, 5015 Tilly Mill Rd, Dunwoody, GA (kingswoodumc.org)

Write Up on Russ Breault’s Talk in Freeport



Pretzel City, USA

As reported by WIFR TV:

FREEPORT (WIFR) — We don’t have to travel halfway around the world to see one of the most well-known holy relics. There’s a replica right here in the Stateline.

Russ Breault who’s an international expert on the Shroud of Turin brought a replica of the cloth to Our Redeemer Lutheran Church in Freeport.

The Shroud of Turin is the cloth that Jesus was believed to have been buried in. Breault talked about the technology he’s used to prove those claims.

Pastor Stephen Precht says the presentation is a chance for all Christians to learn more about their faith.

“This could lend further indication that yes, everything the scripture says is true. It would also reflect to me the torture, the barbarity that Jesus went through, through the beatings and the cross as it would be reflected in the shroud itself,” Precht said.

Breault’s research on the shroud has been featured on the History and Discovery channels as well as on CBS News.

Press Release: Shroud Passion Reflection in Preparation for the Triduum

imageDateline: Shroud Exhibit and Museum (SEAM), Wednesday April 16, 2014 @ 6:30-8 PM

Featuring: iSEAM Webmaster Andy Weiss

Location: 3199 N White Sands Blvd., White Sands Mall – D1, Alamogordo, NM 88310

Phone: (575) 446-2113

Location: Between the Recruiting Office and JC Penny in the mall

Admission: Free – – – donations welcome to support SEAM

About the speaker: The speaker was asked by his good friend, Pete Schumacher, who founded the museum with his wife, to create a webpage as an online compliment to this no charge museum which features a full sized picture of the Shroud of Turin, the only VP8 Image Analyzer on open, interactive display, a tactile model for the sight impaired, among many other features. In August 2009 and the ensuing years, the speaker was faced with information he has studied in light of his own life and faith and this has had a profound impact on him and the direction of his life.

About the talk: The talk will focus on the Shroud, its relation to the passion of Jesus Christ, Scripture and the writer’s own journey in life including the author’s presentation of his own poem on the passion event from 1985, long before he was aware there was such a relic and its implications for his own faith.

You are invited to join us for this Holy Week reflection as we prepare ourselves for the Triduum leading up to Easter.

Danusha V. Goska to Speak in Wayne, New Jersey

clip_image001I just learned that Danusha V. Goska is scheduled to speak about the Shroud on Wednesday, April 30th, at 6:00 pm at the Catholic Campus Ministry Club on the William Paterson University Campus in Wayne, New Jersey.

Danusha V. Goska, PhD, is a writer and teacher living in New Jersey. She has lived and worked in Africa, Asia, Europe, on both coasts, and in the heartland, of the United States. She holds an MA from UC Berkeley and a PhD from Indiana University Bloomington. She currently works at WPUNJ. Her writing has been praised by a variety of scholars, including John Mearsheimer, Father John Pawlikowski, Robert Ellsberg and Paul Loeb. She has won the New Jersey State Council on the Arts Grant, the Halecki Award, and the Eva Kagan Kans award.

At the risk of repeating myself, again and perhaps again and yet again as I said before, I first encountered the writings of Danusha Goska more than a decade ago when I read a comment about the shroud published by Barrie Schwortz (it is about 1/3 of the way down the page). I’ve discussed her in ‘If the shroud is a forgery, where are its precedents?’ two and a half years ago. There was Bieganski the Blog: The Shroud of Turin and Catholics, Atheists, Censorship and the Shroud of Turin: Who Censored Whom? by Danusha in Send Save Delete.

One year ago this month, Danusha published an excellent book review of Thomas de Wesselow’s “The Sign.” If you haven’t read Understanding Art; Misunderstanding Premodern Man, do so.

So, if you will be near Wayne on April 30th, don’t miss her talk. Wayne, by-the-way, is a mere 25 miles from Manhattan on Interstate 80.

Man of the Shroud Exhibition in Calgary

imageThere is a nice write up in the Calgary Herald by Mario Toneguzzi about Man of the Shroud exhibition coming to Calgary: St. Peter’s Roman Catholic Church hosting unprecedented event. There is a lot more than details about the exhibition. I recommend the entire article.

The exhibition takes place from April 9-15 at [St. Peter’s Roman Catholic Church] located at 541 Silvergrove Dr. N.W. Admission is free but donations are also appreciated. For more information about when the exhibit is open and the times for presentations, visit the church website at http://www.st-peters.ca. The April 15 event is by ticket only admission and it will be streamed live online so people not in attendance can see it. By texting the word shroud to 76000, people can find out more information and be kept informed about the event.

The text message worked. What is says us go to www.st-peters.ca/live on April 15, at 7:00 pm MDT to watch the streaming. Hopefully it will be taped and put up on YouTube.

imagePresenters include:

  • Dr. Phillip Wiebe, a practicing Anglican and professor of philosophy at Trinity Western University in Langley, B.C. and
  • Father Andrew Dalton, “a shroud expert from Rome.”

IEEE Shroud Conference Call for Papers Reminder

Authors should submit abstracts or draft manuscripts by May 9, 2014 in accordance with:


(and remember the call-for-papers deadline for the St. Louis Conference in April 15)

Update on the Upcoming St. Louis Shroud Conference

imageHere is the March Newsletter from the conference website:

Posted by St. Louis Shroud Conference Administrator on Wednesday, March 26, 2014

As we move closer to Easter, we are now a little more than 7 months away from the conference. There are several key dates to remember: if you are planning to submit a paper, the deadline for abstracts is April 15th (easy to remember—same as tax day!) and a discount for early registration runs through the end of May.

One of the organizers, Mark Antonacci, was recently interviewed on a local St. Louis TV station, where he, of course, mentions the conference. The reporter, Kay Quinn, asked Mark afterwards to let her know more information about the conference when it gets closer. Hopefully the station will provide some coverage before and during the conference. You can see the segment (about 3 ½ minutes) at:http://www.ksdk.com/story/news/2014/03/24/shroud-of-turin-mark-antonacci/6838531/.

With another Shroud conference slated for Italy in October 2014 and with an actual exposition of the Shroud set for 2015, this is an exciting time in Shroud studies. We expect to have many exciting presentations. The venue for the conference is easily accessible and is right next to a major mall. Come join us and let your friends know about it as well.

If you will be anywhere in DeWitt County, Texas on April 6

clip_image001. . . like in Cuero, famous as a once-upon-a-time gathering point for cattle drives along the old Chisholm Trail and later famous for Turkey trots, which are like cattle drives but over much shorter distances, then you might want to attend a Shroud of Turin presentation at the First Baptist Church. According to the Cuero Record:

Everyone is invited to attend Dr. Glenn Robertson’s presentation on the Shroud of Turin. The presentation will be held at 3 p.m. Sunday, April 6 at the First Baptist Church Sanctuary.

Since 1992, Robertson has studied books and research papers on the Shroud of Turin. He will share a summary of the history and research on the shroud, as well as his insights for understanding the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Robertson will also reveal his digital painting, “It is Finished.” Robertson he made the painting for Holy Week observance and incorporated information from the shroud into the painting.

“Do not expect something pretty with the painting. There is nothing pretty in the crucifixion. Yet, in this painting lies a message for the world,” Robertson said.

We are talking about no more than a one and a half hour drive out of San Antonio along the old Indianola Trail, which is now a paved road. Cuero is, after all,a the turkey capital of the world.

Here is a link to the church’s Facebook page. I hope Glenn Robertson displays his painting on the web.

If you will be near Burlington, Ontario on April 13

imageAccording to the Burlington Post (Ontario, Canada):

St. Paul’s Presbyterian Church, 2600 Headon Forest Dr., is hosting a presentation of the Shroud of Turin by Dr. Gary Chiang on Sunday, April 13.

Chiang is a professor of biology at Redeemer University College. He has published several books on faith and science.

His presentation will explore the authenticity of the Shroud, which is thought to be the burial cloth of Jesus Christ. The presentation runs from 7-8 p.m.

A public viewing of the display of a replica of the Shroud of Turin, including related articles, will be held from 6-7 p.m.

Refreshments will be served. Freewill offering is appreciated.

Shroud Encounter in Layton, Utah on March 23

imageThere is a good article by jaNae Francis in the Standard-Examiner (Utah) explaining that Russ Breault will be presenting Shroud Encounter at the Layton Hills Baptist Church in Layton, Utah at 6 p.m. Sunday, March 23. The presentation is open to the public and admission is free. Layton is about a half-hour north of Salt Lake City.

"Whenever people get a chance to see something like that, they can always learn and be amazed at the same time," said William Harry, a member at Layton Hills Baptist Church who was instrumental in bringing the presentation to Davis County.

Harry said bringing the Shroud presentation to the public meets a primary goal of the church.

"We have a desire as a church to spread the news of Jesus Christ," Harry said. "At the same time, we get a chance to show people something that’s new and exciting, that they haven’t seen before."

Harry said he saw a duplicate of the Shroud on display at a church in Salt Lake City and thought it would be a good idea to bring something like that to Layton.

"It’s a historical artifact," he said. "It is something educational and intellectual for the community."

Harry said there are those who believe the image from the Shroud is of Jesus.

"But nobody knows because nobody was there," he said. "What we do know about the image in the Shroud is that we don’t know how it got there and that it is an image of a person that was crucified. This is what the Bible describes that Jesus went through, how he was crucified."

Shroud Encounter will cover all aspects of the history, science, art and theories of how the image may have been formed, according to the press release.

It turns out that Russ will be at Calvary Chapel in Salt Lake City on March 21 at 7pm and on March 22 from 9am to 3pm. Calvary Chapel is at 460 W. Century Drive.

A Bishop’s Message

image. . . for the Solemn Exposition of an Official Replica of the Shroud of Turin, authorized by the Archdiocese of Turin, Italy:

Come and See! by Bishop David Motiuk, Ukrainian Catholic Eparchy of Edmonton

Welcome and Introduction

It is with much love and great joy in my heart that I welcome you to Saint Josaphat Ukrainian Catholic Cathedral as we solemnly receive and place on exposition for veneration an official replica of the Shroud of Turin.

While there are thousands of photographic reproductions of the Shroud of Turin around the world readily made available through the internet, our copy is even more unique among the handful of reproductions that have been authorized by the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Turin, Italy, the custodians of the original shroud.  It was made using the best photographic definition possible, and was authorized by the Archdiocesan Commission of the Shroud, which has verified the copy to original Shroud of Turin.

This authentic replica of the Shroud of Turin was gifted to the Ukrainian Catholic Eparchy of Edmonton by the Archdiocese of Turin as part of our 25 Year Pastoral Plan for Spiritual Growth and Renewal.  Truly a most precious gift!

During the two years from the time of the initial request to the Archdiocese of Turin for an official replica of the Shroud until today, I asked myself repeatedly, “Lord, if we are indeed blessed with a true copy of the Shroud of Turin, and open our doors wide to believers and non-believers alike, what will they come to see?”

And I ask that question of you today.   What have you come to see?

At first glance, we have come out of curiosity to see this thing we call the Shroud of Turin.

What is it?

The Shroud of Turin, a quick overview

The shroud is a rectangular linen sheet woven in a herringbone pattern according to an ancient Egyptian style used both before and after the time of Christ.

The cloth measures 442 cm (14’ 6”) long by 113 cm (3’ 9”) wide.

There is a faint impression on it of an image of a man, front and back, indicating that he suffered extensive scourging and death by crucifixion.  Piercing of the feet and wrist are clearly evident.  A chest wound and wounds to the head inflicted by pointed instruments are plainly visible.

The “man of the shroud” has a beard, moustache and shoulder length hair parted in the middle. He is well-proportioned, muscular, and quite tall.

The Burial Cloth of Jesus?

Is the Shroud of Turin the burial cloth of Jesus?

Scientific analysis of the Shroud of Turin was permitted by the Holy See in 1976, 1978 and 1988.  These conclude that the image is not the product of an artist using paints or dyes.  The shroud has been in direct contact with a body, which explains certain features such as scourge marks and blood.  But it cannot explain the image of the face with the high resolution demonstrated by photography.

How the image was produced remains a mystery.

While the Catholic Church has neither acknowledged nor denied the authenticity of the shroud, Pope John Paul II called it a “mirror of the Gospel.”  Recently, Pope Benedict and Pope Francis described the shroud as an “icon.”

Actual burial cloth or not, the shroud is indeed an ancient and greatly venerated icon.  And the essence of an icon is its representation of the Holy and participation in the Divine.

Picking up on Pope John Paul II’s reference to the shroud as a “mirror of the Gospel,” let us look more closely at the scriptural evidence for the shroud.

Scriptural Evidence for the Shroud, a Mirror of the Gospel

Jesus was scourged (Matthew 27: 26).  The body in the shroud is covered with severe scourge wounds, as many as 120 on the back (including the legs).  Whipping was done probably by a Roman flagrum, with evidence that there were two men whipping from two angles.

Jesus was struck a blow to the face (Matthew 27: 30).  In the shroud there is severe swelling below the right eye; the nose is swollen or broken.

Jesus was “crowned” with thorns (Matthew 27: 28-29). In the shroud there is evidence of bleeding from scalp, and thorn fragments.

Jesus had to carry a heavy cross (John 19: 16-17).  Shoulder wounds appear on the body in the shroud.

Jesus’ cross had to be carried for him after a while (Matthew 27: 32). The knees in the body in the shroud appear to be severely damaged as if from repeated falls.

Jesus was crucified by nailing hands and feet (John 20: 25). There are clear blood flows on the shroud from nail wounds in the wrists and feet.

Jesus’ legs were not broken, but a spear was thrust into his side (John 19: 33-37). The legs on the body in the shroud are not broken.  There is an elliptical wound on the rights side between the 5th and 6th ribs and appears to have been inflicted by a Roman lance.

Jesus was taken down from the cross and wrapped in a linen shroud (Matthew 27: 57-60). The image on the shroud is consistent with the Jewish burial practice of wrapping a dead body.

Come and See!   An invitation.

Let us return to the question with which we began.  Today, what have you really come to see?  Did you come to see this rectangular linen sheet with a faint impression on it of an image of a man?  Or something more?

Yes, something much more!

Our childlike curiosity has led us through the path of discovery to the journey of faith.

We have come today at the invitation of God, through this exposition of the Shroud of Turin, to meet the person of Jesus Christ. We have come to enter into a personal relationship with the One who takes upon himself our humanity and becomes one of us, so that we in turn might take upon ourselves his divinity and become one with God.  Imagine, a God that draws near to us so that we might draw near to him!

All of us who come to view the Shroud of Turin have our own life story.  Some are broken, some are confused, some are professed unbelievers, some need to have their faith affirmed, and some are seeking to follow the Lord more closely.

Read on: Come and See! by Bishop David Motiuk

And for more details see, If you will be in Edmonton During Lent

Information for St. Louis Attendees and Presenters

From: SHROUD OF TURIN: The Controversial Intersection of Faith and Science
International Conference

St. Louis, Missouri – October 9 – 12, 2014


imageFor Presenters:

A month, a week and a day, that is how much time you have to submit an abstract if you want to be a presenter. So get to work. Here are some detail. Find more at Become a Presenter.

To be considered as a presenter, please submit the presentation Abstracts, your CV and your headshot image to us by the noted deadline. Please zip up these three files and submit them with the form. Subject matter for the papers is open to any major aspect of sindonology, eg., Science, History, Art, Theology and can also include other relevant artifacts such as the Sudarium of Oviedo. Complete papers need not be submitted for review but for the Proceedings only. 

  • Submission of Abstract:  15 April 2014
  • Acceptance/Rejection: 30 May 2014
  • Abstract between 250 and 500 words in Times New Roman font with size 12
  • Curriculum vitae of no more than 500 words.
  • Author’s email address

For Attendees:

You can register at this time and save some money (I did).  Before registering, note the prices. This information does not appear on the registration page after you click Attend or Register. It only appears on the home page. So go to the conference home page, scroll down to the lower left corner, pick your price, and proceed from there:

  • Before 6/1/2014 – $120/person
  • On or After 6/1/2014 – $150/person
  • Students (any time) – $50

Got Questions:

Write a comment. I’ll make sure Joe Marino sees them.


Several Mark Antonacci Talks in St. Louis Starting Next Week

The St. Louis Review, a publication of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of St. Louis, is announcing:

Mark Antonacci, an expert on the Shroud of Turin, will hold several lectures on the subject at the chapel at De Smet Jesuit High School, 233 N. New Ballas Road in Creve Coeur. Antonacci will speak about his efforts to petition Pope Francis to allow additional testing on the shroud. Lectures will be held at 7-9 p.m. on Tuesday, March 11, Thursday, April 10, and Monday, May 12, and will continue throughout December of 2014. The presentations are free, but contributions to The Resurrection of the Shroud Foundation will be accepted. Visit www.testtheshroud.com for more information about Antonacci’s upcoming presentations or to learn more about The RSF.

So, if you are in St. Louis on any of those dates, attend the lectures.

I continue to oppose the petition. About four months ago, Stephen Jones wrote:

It will be interesting to see what the Vatican’s response (if any) to this petition will be. If the Pope (the owner of the Shroud) does agree to further testing of the Shroud, I doubt that it will be in response to effectively one individual’s (Antonacci’s), request. My guess is that to minimise any further controversy the Vatican would probably want to see a broad consensus among Shroud pro-authenticists (and maybe even including Shroud anti-authenticists), of what the tests would be, how they would be carried out and by whom, before it agrees to any further testing of the Shroud.

As I said then, I agree with Stephen. We only need to look back to the 1980’s to see how to go about this in the right way, when John Jackson gathered solid support from many credible scientists in different fields and developed a well-reasoned, scientific plan for examining the shroud. The result was STURP.

clip_image001It was at this time, last November, that Colin Berry made a brilliant observation that came with an important warning. He wrote:

. . . All someone has to do is sneak a mixture of ordinary beryllium and americium-241 (present in domestic smoke alarms) into the cabinet housing the Shroud. That mixture then emits neutrons (half life approx.10 days) and before you know what the Shroud will then be impregnated with radioisotopes such as chlorine-36 and calcium- 41 that Antonacci and his pressure group (if invited in with their scanners) could later proclaim to the world as proof that the Christian story based on Resurrection is proven – and a lot more besides (he reckons, see below ) as to the mechanism of resurrection.

You think I’m exaggerating?

See Antonacci comment from this site in September: (my bolding)


Please study the keynote address, which can be found on TesttheShroud.com. I’m not trying to be self-congratulatory or subjective, but these procedures could test every explanation for the Shroud’s radiocarbon dating and answer all the mysteries surrounding the Shroud. If the Shroud linen cloth, blood and other particles on it were examined at the molecular and atomic level, you could also collect enough new information that scientists could analyze this data for many years to come. I will be further updating this proposal, as well.

And on the Petition site:(my bolding)

A leading hypothesis published in Scientific Research and Essays in 2012 asserts that particle radiation was emitted from the length and width of Jesus’ dead body while he was wrapped in the Shroud, and it was this “event” which caused the unique images on the cloth. Molecular and atomic testing could prove that hypothesis to be true. ……

…..If unfakable and independent evidence was obtained to confirm this hypothesis however, it could actually be used to analyze the central premises of various religions throughout history and in our world today.

Objective and independent evidence does not exist to prove the central premises of any other religion, agnosticism or atheism. In contrast, the Shroud of Turin could provide thousands of unfakable items of scientific and medical evidence to prove the central premises of Christianity. This new, incomparable evidence could lessen or remove the underlying bases for many of the world’s ongoing wars and conflicts. The world has everything to gain and nothing to lose by the proposed molecular and atomic testing of the Shroud of Turin. . . .

David Goulet responded to Colin:

Would the sabotage you are mentioning lead to ‘unfakable’ evidence? If there is a way to skew the evidence then doesn’t this demonstrate the evidence is indeed fakable? And now that skeptics like yourself are aware of the possibility of sabotage, this would undermine authenticity claims based on said testing.

For myself, I share your fear. There is a segment of Christianity that pushes a Christian triumphalism and the Shroud could be be exploited by them. The thought that Christians would use the Shroud to proselytize turns my stomach. It has been called the Silent Witness…that is exactly how it should be seen. If God wanted it to preach he would have added audio to it.

Hmmm, that makes me wonder… could there be audio properties encoded in it? Who needs flowers and coins when you could have music and soundbites. :)

Maybe, when many of us meet in St. Louis for an international conference this fall, we can convince Mark to drop the idea.

Russ Breault on the Road Again


Lent is a particularly busy time for Shroud of Turin presentations and nobody does more of them than Russ Breault. His multimedia talk is called Shroud Encounter.

Here are three that are coming up soon. If you are in the area on these dates you should do everything you can to attend:

SS Peter and Paul Ukrainian Catholic Church, Plymouth, PA, Friday, March 14 at 6:00 PM

SS. Simon and Jude Catholic Church, West Chester, PA, Saturday, March 15th at 2:30 PM

St. Francis de Sales Parish, Salisbury, MD, Sunday, March 16th at 2:00 PM

Barrie Schwortz Speaking in Ave Maria University, March 7 and 8, 2014

imageThe Ave Herald (Community Newspaper) is headlining Shroud of Turin Talk by Barrie Schortz (sic):

Barrie Schortz (sic), the documenting photographer for the only in-depth scientific examination of the Shroud of Turin, which took place in 1978, will speak about the Shroud Friday, March 7, at 7 p.m. in the auditorium of the AMU academic building. He’s also talk Saturday, March 8, at 6:30 p.m. at St. Agnes Church. The talks are free and open to the public.

Mr. Schortz (sic), who now directs the Shroud of Turin Education and Research Association and operates the website www.shroud.com,  enthralled those who attended his last talk at Ave Maria University five years ago. That talk was covered by The Ave Herald and a story is available here: The Shroud of Turin Brought Back His Faith.

According to Wikipedia:

Ave Maria University (AMU) is a private Catholic university in Southwest Florida, United States, founded in 2003. The university moved to its permanent campus, situated in the planned town of Ave Maria, 17 miles (27 km) east of Naples, Florida, in August 2007. Ave Maria University shares its history with the former Ave Maria College in Ypsilanti, Michigan, which was founded in 1998 and closed in 2007.[1]

Tom Monaghan, Ave Maria’s founder, has been criticized in the press for proposing that contraceptives, abortion, and pornography be banned from the university and the town itself.[2] In 2007, Monaghan drew criticism from Catholics both inside and outside the university when he removed theologian Joseph Fessio asprovost.

The current enrollment of Ave Maria University is 1,200 students . , ,

If you will be in Edmonton During Lent

Authorized by the Archdiocese of Turin

imageSolemn Exposition of an Official Replica of the Shroud of Turin


St. Josaphat, Ukrainian Catholic Cathedral, 10825 97th Street, Edmonton


March 4 to April 10

  • Tuesdays & Thursdays, 4-9 pm with Brief Presentation, 6:30 pm & 7:30 pm
  • Sundays, 1-4 pm, In-depth Presentation, 2 pm
    April 18 – 19: Holy Friday & Holy Saturday, All Night Vigil (Friday, April 18, 1 pm to Saturday, April 19, 7 pm)

Admission: Please bring a food bank donation

For more information, contact St. Josaphat Ukrainian Catholic Cathedral
10825 97th Street, Edmonton, AB T5H 2M4
780.422.3181 stjosaphat.ab.ca

More on Barrie Schwortz at St. John’s University

imageBarrie writes in the STERA Facebook page:

MORE FROM ST. JOHN’S UNIVERSITY… Here are links to a review of my presentation at St. John’s by Bill Lauto on the BBV Publishing website at [ BBV ] and a link to a video interview that appeared on New York internet based NET TV at [ NET CURRENTS ] – My thanks to Bill for the kind words and to Katie Breidenbach for the great interview!

Here is the interview as posted on YouTube. It’s good:

If you will be in and around El Paso on March 8

just explain that you are here for the Shroud of Turin presentation

imageKVIA ABC-7 Television News is reporting:

Fort Bliss, TX – Fort Bliss hopes to educate and inform those interested in learning more about Shroud of Turin.

The army base will host two different information sessions on Saturday, March 8th at 311, Pershing Circle, West Fort Bliss.

The first session begins at 10 a.m. and runs through noon. It will be related to history and 3D-Science of the historic event. Session two will start at 1 p.m. and will end at 3:30 p.m., it is being called a “spiritual reflections retreat.”

The event is sponsored by the Chaplains Office.

This is the first time a presentation on this topic has been held at Fort Bliss. The event is presented by Shroud Researcher, Deacon Pete Schumacher. This event is free and open to the public. Attendees may bring a sack lunch if they decide to attend for both sessions.

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