Russ Breault on the Road Again


Lent is a particularly busy time for Shroud of Turin presentations and nobody does more of them than Russ Breault. His multimedia talk is called Shroud Encounter.

Here are three that are coming up soon. If you are in the area on these dates you should do everything you can to attend:

SS Peter and Paul Ukrainian Catholic Church, Plymouth, PA, Friday, March 14 at 6:00 PM

SS. Simon and Jude Catholic Church, West Chester, PA, Saturday, March 15th at 2:30 PM

St. Francis de Sales Parish, Salisbury, MD, Sunday, March 16th at 2:00 PM

5 thoughts on “Russ Breault on the Road Again”

  1. Message for Russ: In your future speaches, I hope you will leave the door open for the possibility of an image formation that could have been totally natural (which doesn’t mean the claim of Jesus’ Resurrection we find in the Gospels couldn’t be true and historical).

    As I recently said many times on this blog, I hate when people tell me what to say or not say and I sure don’t want to offend you in the same manner. So, just take my comment as a friendly advice. Noticed that I used the words “I hope you will” and not something like “You must”… Hope you will take good note of this comment and, why not, I suggest you to read again my paper about the bloodstains evidence in which I describe the 4 scenarios that, in the light of all the data we know about the Shroud, can still be possible to explain this relic (link:

    Have a nice trip and I hope there will be alot of people at your lectures.

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