Finally, An Explanation for the Exclamation Mark!

and Michael Tite has some thoughts about the image, as well

imageYesterday, in a comment to Three Questions About The Reweaving Hypothesis, Charles Freeman mentioned that Michael Tite was still lecturing about the shroud. That prompted this response from Hugh Farey:

He is indeed. His most recent lecture was on Monday (yesterday), at the University of Durham Institute of Advanced Studies, in their ‘Evidence on Trial’ series, entitled ‘ Fakes, Forgeries and the Turin Shroud: the scientific evidence.’ It can be heard (audio only although it was clearly an illustrated lecture) at

It tells us little about the dating of the Shroud that we didn’t know before, but contains this little snippet which may be of interest:

I put that exclamation mark because the date had been leaked in the press certainly as medieval for some time, so it was really saying ‘there you are; you’ve known it all along.’ Various other interpretations were put on it – rather more sinister ones – so it wasn’t a very helpful thing for me to do, but that was the reason. That was my response.

Later Tite suggests that the image may have been associated with a real crucifixion, perhaps of a crusader. He is particularly taken with the wrist rather than hand bloodstains.

Do listen. The audio runs 45 minutes. (The introduction is barely audible but the lecture is fine.) Here is an abstract of the talk from Durham University’s website:

The primary underlying theme of the lecture will be the role of scientific examination in providing evidence for the authenticity of antiquities that supplements the evidence provided by their stylistic attributes. The methods of scientific examination will include the investigation of the raw materials and fabrication methods used in the production of stone, metal and glass antiquities together with thermoluminescence dating of ceramics and radiocarbon dating of organic materials. Examples of the application of these methods will include the Getty kouros, the British Museum crystal skull, Etruscan bronze figurines, Neolithic pottery from Anatolia, the Turin Shroud and the Vinland Map. The damage caused to our understanding of the past by the illegal excavation of antiquities together with the consequent ethics of collecting and authenticating antiquities will also be considered.

Shroud Encounter Coming to Albany, Georgia

Again, that’s Georgia

imageJim Hendricks reports in the Albany Herald that Shround Encounter exploring Shroud of Turin coming to Albany church:

It would be hard to find a more debated religious symbol than the Shroud of Turin, which will be on display this spring for the longest period ever in Turin, Italy. For those in the Albany area who are curious about this artifact, St. Teresa’s Catholic Church has a pair of presentations of a program called “Shroud Encounter.”

Hendricks quotes Russ Breault in a telephone interview saying:

My position has always been I don’t know if the shroud is authentic. I just think it could be and let’s explore the mystery and find out what we know and find out what we don’t know. As we explore the mystery, we’re also going to encounter the message of the shroud. (emphasis mine)

Russ, whose presentations are always excellent, is a frequent contributor to this blog. More than that, a 15 minute video, Russ Breault explains his take on the Shroud of Turin is featured in the upper-right column space of this blog.

About presentation in Albany, Georgia, according to the paper:

The cost of the program, which will include about 200 big-screen images and the display of a life-sized replica of the shroud, is $10 for those 18 and older; free for those 17 and younger. The 90-minute presentation will take place at 7 p.m. Feb. 21 and at 2 p.m. Feb. 22 at St. Teresa’s, 421 Edgewood Lane in Albany.

Picture is from Albany Georgia Blogspot:

Barrie Schwortz’ Lecture Schedule for 2015

With the latest update to, Barrie Schwortz has published his lecture schedule for 2015 as it currently stands. He writes:

My spring lecture schedule is dramatically abbreviated this year due to the upcoming public exhibition of the Shroud, as I will be in Turin for a few weeks in May and will need some extra time to prepare for that event. Consequently, I have scheduled a number of my lectures in the fall. Since viewers often write me asking where and when I might be giving Shroud presentations, I am again including my upcoming schedule in case I happen to be in your area. If so, please drop by and say hello. Please understand that many of the times and venues are still not finalized and are subject to change. I will do my best to update them before the events if possible. I also want to extend a special thanks to Prof. Tom Kerr, from the Art Department at St. John’s University, for creating and sharing with us the great sketch he made of my lecture at the university last year (see above). Thanks Tom!

To see Barrie’s schedule CLICK HERE or on the thumbnail image above.

Add to Cart: The Shroud of Turin Prophecy Package by Russ Breault

clip_image001Prophecy in the News announced yesterday that it is offering The Shroud of Turin Prophecy Package by Russ Breault in its online store for $49.95. Here is the description as it appears on the site:

The Shroud of Turin Prophecy Package

by Russ Breault

This special package includes 7 items.

1. DVD# 1—What If? by Russ Breault

DVD839  | $19.95  |  45 minutes

2. DVD# 2—CSI: Jerusalem by Russ Breault

DVD840  |  $19.95  |  1 hour 45 minutes

3. DVD# 3—The Shroud of Turin: Reinforcing the Resurrection

A LIVE presentation from the Orlando Prophecy Summit.  |  58 minutes

4. DVD# 4—Reinforcing the Resurrection: Prophetic Implications of the Shroud of Turin

A LIVE presentation from the Orlando Prophecy Summit.  |  41 minutes

5. A reproduced image of the Shroud of Turin suitable for framing

6. A visual breakdown/chart of the Shroud of Turin image

7. An up-to-date, 4-page report on the Shroud of Turin

Product ID# PK3416

4 DVDs, 2 pictures, 1 four-page report


How many strange statements can you count?

imageThis is an account of a lecture given by John C. Iannone. Gosh, I hope this is a problem in reporting:

. . . The Shroud’s authenticity was attacked in the late 1980s by the New York Times which was doing what it does best– mocking the beliefs of Christians.

. . . Invited by Shroud Custodian Cardinal Saldarini to analyze the Cloth, Mr. Iannone told a Fort Pierce Florida audience at St. Anastasia’s Catholic Church that the four soil samples he and fellow scientists examined from the cloth match precisely the four soil types at the locations where the Shroud was known to have traveled!

[ . . . ]

The “epsilon,” which is a small positive quantity that provides mathematical analysis, could be seen as a lightened area flowing out of the lips of our Lord as HIS very death was taking place! . . .

But clearly the most transcendental part of the evening’s lecture came when the Catholic scholar explained the very exact analysis points to the location on the cloth when Jesus rose from death.  

[ . . . ]

. . .   “As Jesus Christ entered Eternity, the atoms of His Body at the Resurrection accelerated dramatically. . . . And the light of Jesus’ Resurrection even shows up in NSA analysis!

This is why we must blog!

New DVD of the Women of Grace Programs on the Shroud Plus Some

imageA reader writes:

There is a brand new DVD out. It is called The Secrets of the Shroud, featuring Dr. Wayne Phillips, the leading expert on the Shroud of Turin. It includes five wonderful programs from the Women of Grace show. There are stunning slides and images of the Shroud and all the current scientific research. The cost is $25.00.  Order it at

Here are the shows that appeared on EWTN on the Women of Grace program:

  • DVD – 1
    • 10350 – Revelation of the Road: The Shroud’s Journey
    • 10351 – The Shroud of Turin Research Project
    • 10352 – Carbon Dating and Image Formation: Science and the Shroud
  • DVD – 2
    • 10353 – New Discoveries, New Theories: Science and the Shroud
    • 10354 – Dynamic Duo: The Sudarium and the Shroud
  • I linked to these shows in September 2012: EWTN Series on the Shroud of Turin. Apparently, the first of the five programs is still available for viewing on EWTN:  Revelation of the Road: The Shroud’s Journey (Program 10350) with Dr Phillips and Father Edmund Sylvia. You might want to view this first before shelling out $25.00.

Also, I found a recent Jesuit high school lecture in five parts featuring Dr. Wayne Phillips. It was uploaded to YouTube just a week ago. According to information at YouTube, J. Wayne Phillips ‘is an expert Shroud of Turin and has a degree in Shroud Studies from the Vatican Apostolorum College. He also has a medical degree from the University of Miami.

Part 1    Part 2    Part 3   Part 4    Part 5

 Watch Later

      Shroud Encounter in Layton, Utah on March 23

      imageThere is a good article by jaNae Francis in the Standard-Examiner (Utah) explaining that Russ Breault will be presenting Shroud Encounter at the Layton Hills Baptist Church in Layton, Utah at 6 p.m. Sunday, March 23. The presentation is open to the public and admission is free. Layton is about a half-hour north of Salt Lake City.

      "Whenever people get a chance to see something like that, they can always learn and be amazed at the same time," said William Harry, a member at Layton Hills Baptist Church who was instrumental in bringing the presentation to Davis County.

      Harry said bringing the Shroud presentation to the public meets a primary goal of the church.

      "We have a desire as a church to spread the news of Jesus Christ," Harry said. "At the same time, we get a chance to show people something that’s new and exciting, that they haven’t seen before."

      Harry said he saw a duplicate of the Shroud on display at a church in Salt Lake City and thought it would be a good idea to bring something like that to Layton.

      "It’s a historical artifact," he said. "It is something educational and intellectual for the community."

      Harry said there are those who believe the image from the Shroud is of Jesus.

      "But nobody knows because nobody was there," he said. "What we do know about the image in the Shroud is that we don’t know how it got there and that it is an image of a person that was crucified. This is what the Bible describes that Jesus went through, how he was crucified."

      Shroud Encounter will cover all aspects of the history, science, art and theories of how the image may have been formed, according to the press release.

      It turns out that Russ will be at Calvary Chapel in Salt Lake City on March 21 at 7pm and on March 22 from 9am to 3pm. Calvary Chapel is at 460 W. Century Drive.

      Upcoming Lectures by Barrie Schwortz

      He tells us on the STERA Facebook page:

      My next lectures, sponsored by St. George Christian Books, are coming up this week in Minnesota where I will speak at the Church of St. Pius X, the Nativity of Mary and the Church of the Epiphany. I am uploading the event flyer with the details and hope to see some of you there!


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