Again, that’s Georgia

imageJim Hendricks reports in the Albany Herald that Shround Encounter exploring Shroud of Turin coming to Albany church:

It would be hard to find a more debated religious symbol than the Shroud of Turin, which will be on display this spring for the longest period ever in Turin, Italy. For those in the Albany area who are curious about this artifact, St. Teresa’s Catholic Church has a pair of presentations of a program called “Shroud Encounter.”

Hendricks quotes Russ Breault in a telephone interview saying:

My position has always been I don’t know if the shroud is authentic. I just think it could be and let’s explore the mystery and find out what we know and find out what we don’t know. As we explore the mystery, we’re also going to encounter the message of the shroud. (emphasis mine)

Russ, whose presentations are always excellent, is a frequent contributor to this blog. More than that, a 15 minute video, Russ Breault explains his take on the Shroud of Turin is featured in the upper-right column space of this blog.

About presentation in Albany, Georgia, according to the paper:

The cost of the program, which will include about 200 big-screen images and the display of a life-sized replica of the shroud, is $10 for those 18 and older; free for those 17 and younger. The 90-minute presentation will take place at 7 p.m. Feb. 21 and at 2 p.m. Feb. 22 at St. Teresa’s, 421 Edgewood Lane in Albany.

Picture is from Albany Georgia Blogspot: