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Lights, Cameras, Action and the Drones of Turin

June 12, 2015 2 comments

imageThere is an altogether too short article, High-tech behind Shroud of Turin exposition in the English edition of Gazzetta del Sud Online:

Turin, June 11 – Putting the Shroud of Turin on display has involved a vast array of studied high technology devices and methods, revealed Thursday in a seminar held by tech partners who participated in planning for the Shroud’s display and conservation. In order to illuminate the cloth believed by many to be Christ’s winding sheet, a specific spectrum of light was identified by Italy’s National Institute for Metrological Research for its ability to permit high visibility while also guaranteeing the best preservation of the fabric and the imprint on the cloth. The cloth is subjected to programmed emissions of nitrogen, which are also aimed at preservation. Video surveillance of the shroud and the shrine where it is housed is handled by flying drones that were built by an aerospace firm.

I’ve read that the lights distort the color of the image. It’s a trade off.

Here is an English language article and video about the drones of Turin.


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The Pope and the Tramps

June 8, 2015 9 comments

imageTom Kingston, from Rome, writes in The Times (of London) under the headline, Pope sends 120 tramps to see Turin shroud (behind a pay wall):

The Pope has cleaned up Rome’s tramps with free showers and haircuts, given them a taste of culture with a guided tour of the Sistine chapel. Now he is offering to take 120 of them to the north of the country for a sneak preview of the Turin shroud.

In keeping with his aim of providing “a poor Church for the poor”, he has paid for a first coachload of vagrants to set off from Rome to see the cloth that many Roman Catholics believe covered Christ’s corpse.

If you want a Shroud of Turin story to resonate around the world, this is it. Not lasers or carbon dating or Rube Goldberg-like methods of creating the image. 

The current exposition has been particularly interesting. The focus is not science. It’s not history. It’s not even particularly religious, either. Church authorities have focused almost completely on the people who come to see, not what they come to see. There was Muslim delegation, a renowned Atheists, countless youth groups from all over Italy and elsewhere, nuns from nunneries in far away places, plane loads of church congregants from as far away as the Philippine Islands. Particularly special are the special needs and very ill pilgrims. For them special viewing times, accommodations and guest-facilities that have been created.

The pope is coming. This is special, of course. Shroud enthusiasts – and they are not all Catholic, something most journalists don’t understand – will listen carefully to what he says about the shroud for clues about his take on it. But that isn’t his style, is it?  What will be remembered from this exposition is what he has already said by his actions. He sent a delegation of homeless pilgrims that The Stuffy Times calls tramps and vagrants. 

Maybe something was lost in translation from British to English.

See the Shroud Encounter Facebook  page and Homeless From Rome Visit Shroud of Turin and

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Homeless From Rome Visit Shroud of Turin

June 3, 2015 9 comments

Let’s hope CBS News doesn’t object to my reposting the entire story, Pope pays for homeless to see Shroud of Turin by Anna Matranga. There has never been a shroud exposition like this one.

imageROME — A bus was carrying 42 homeless people Wednesday from Rome to see the Shroud of Turin, regarded by many to be the sacred burial cloth of Jesus Christ, and Pope Francis was picking up the tab.

The group included not just Catholics but also Orthodox Christians and Muslims. What they have in common is that they all frequent a soup kitchen run by the Santa Lucia parish, near the Vatican.

Don Pablo Castiglia, deputy parish priest, was traveling with the group, along with seven volunteers. He said after the parish had organized the trip, the pope’s almoner, Bishop Konrad Krajewski, announced that Francis wanted to contribute money to cover the expenses.

Krajewski used donations given to the pope for his personal charities to help fund the trip.

"There’s an atmosphere of great interest" among the travelers, said Castiglia, adding that the group was being prepared during the bus trip with a video explaining the shroud.

Krajewski was there Wednesday morning when the homeless boarded the bus to Turin. According to Castiglia, Krajewski gave each person a small sum of pocket money, calling it a "caress" from Pope Francis.

The group was to spend Wednesday night in Catholic shelters in Turin, and then visit the shroud Thursday morning.

Next week a second group, about 70 poor and homeless, was to make the same journey. Krajewski told an Italian newspaper that the two groups "will prepare the way for the pope’s visit. His poor will arrive before him."

Pope Francis is to venerate the shrine on June 21.

Francis’ concern for and outreach to the poor has been a hallmark of his papacy.

He has had showers and barber facilities builtunder the colonnade of St. Peter’s Basilica for the exclusive use of the homeless.

For several years in a row he has chosen to celebrate his own birthday with Italy’s impoverished. Homeless people have had dinner in the Vatican museum and sat at the best seats in the house at a Vatican concert.

One homeless man has even been buried in a cemetery inside the Vatican under Francis’ tenure, which for centuries had been a final resting place only for royalty and luminaries.

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Pope Francis’ June 21 & 22 Schedule Details

June 2, 2015 8 comments

Official Tweet points to the longer, official version:  Papal schedule for Turin visit §RV

imageCatholic World News provides a good-enough condensed version:

The Vatican has released a full schedule for the trip to Turin by Pope Francis on June 21-22.

The highlight of the papal trip will be a visit to the city’s cathedral to reverence the Shroud of Turin during its current public exposition.

The Pope will leave Rome early on Sunday morning, June 21. Arriving in Turin’s airport, where he will be greeted by local Church leaders and civic officials, he will travel into the city. At the cathedral, he will pray before the Shroud and also before the altar of Blessed Waldensian.

After concelebrating Mass at the Piazza Vittorio, the Pontiff will make a series of short visits: to a youth-detention center, with immigrants, with a Roma (gypsy) family, with religious, with the sick and disabled, and finally in the evening with young people.

After a night in the archbishop’s residence, Pope Francis will speak on Monday morning at the Evangelical Waldensian Church. Later he will visit his own relatives, celebrating Mass privately with family members who still live in the Piedmont region, from which his own parents migrated to Argentina. In the afternoon the Pope will meet with members of the committee that organized the exposition of the Shroud before taking his flight back to Rome.

Time of visit news grabbers competing with the pope’s visit to the shroud:

  1. Visit to the Evangelical Waldensian Church, (good explanation). 
  2. Prayers  before the altar of Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati
  3. Visits to a youth-detention center, with immigrants and with a Roma (gypsy) family.
  4. Mass at the Piazza Vittorio

Twitter: Mayor of Bethlehem Visits Shroud of Turin Exposition

May 20, 2015 Comments off
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Tweeted Picture for Today: Endless Emotion

May 17, 2015 3 comments
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Of One Family’s Visit to the Shroud in Turin

May 14, 2015 Comments off

imageMark Armstrong writes of One Family’s Novena to Italy—From Pisa to Turin and the Shroud for The Integrated Catholic Life:

My interest in the Shroud dates back to 1981 when Patti and I were first married.  Back then, Dr. John Jackson, part of a team that examined the Shroud in 1978, gave a presentation from the findings of the Shroud of Turin Research Project to the public in Portland, Oregon.

After that talk, I began to read and study all the information about the Shroud that I could find in those pre-internet days.  In the 1990s, as a radio talk show host,  I would often invite authors with new books about the Shroud to be guests for my shows.  I would learn even more through these books and interviews about what most believe to be the actual burial cloth of Christ.  After my visit here in during the 2010 exhibition, I began to write articles for ICL and other websites and give presentations about the Shroud.


It is a fact that no Catholic would ever be required to believe the Shroud is the actual burial cloth of Christ.  And it is also true that Catholics will not be the only ones among the more than two million people who will see the Shroud over the three months it is on display this year.  The Shroud is respected by most Christians faiths, including Baptists, Lutherans, Methodists, Orthodox, Pentecostals and non-Christians too.  There are of course many others who come to Turin who are just curious and some, ironically, profess no belief in God.  All will spend sometimes hours in line as they come here for a three-minute viewing.


In my humble opinion, the Shroud is an enigma and was best described by one of the faithful in the sixth century as, “the image not made by human hands.”  More on the science of the Shroud and some of the other incredible sights of Turin tomorrow.

There is more. And there is more to come. See the Mark Armstrong page

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