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imageThere is, on a single page, an excellent AP video and an awful short-shrifting by Paul Vale, the New York based Night Editor for the Huffington Post UK on the HuffPo-UK site. The article is probably short enough to repost the whole thing without violating fair use. The video, unfortunately sandwiched in between the headline and the story, is well worth watching. It can be accessed by clicking on the picture on the right:

A piece of cloth scientifically proven to have no connection to Biblical times has gone on display in Italy, with millions expected to make the pilgrimage to see the medieval forgery. The infamous Shroud of Turin — a 14 foot piece of linen once believed to be Christ’s burial cloth — went on public display on Sunday after a 5-year hiatus, with Pope Francis reportedly planning to see the “sacred” garb in June.

The linen boasts a faded image of a bearded man, which for centuries was said to be an imprint of the face of Christ. However, in 1988 researchers dated the shroud with Carbon 14 testing, the results placing the garment’s creation within the period 1260-1390. Still, many members of the clergy dismissed the facts, with one Archbishop even decrying the findings as an "overseas Masonic plot" designed to discredit the Roman Catholic Church.

Recent Popes have been careful to avoid pronouncing on the issue, unwilling to reject the shroud while opting to highlight its more symbolic resonance. Yet despite its inauthenticity, the relic remains a big draw for tourists — believers and non-believers. "It’s an occasion that brings everybody together and aims to give a precise response to the violence in this world. It tells us that the way to build a fairer world is not violence, but love," Cesare Nosiglia, Turin’s current archbishop, told the Associated Press.

The shroud will remain on display in the Cathedral of Turin until June 24.

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  1. “Recent Popes have been careful to avoid pronouncing on the issue … opting to highlight its more symbolic resonance.”

    Uhhhhh….NO. That’s an out-and-out lie. There is little to nothing of the symbolic in these words:

    Pope Pius XI (1922-1939): “… certainly not the work of any human hand.”

    Pope Pius XII (1939-1958): “The linen in which Joseph of Arimathea enveloped the sacred remains of our Lord Jesus Christ.”

    Pope John XXIII (1958-63): “This can only be the Lord’s own doing.”

    Pope Paul VI (1963-78): “…The image from the Holy Shroud reveals to us the human and divine personality of Christ.”

    Pope John Paul II (1978-2005): “The Holy Shroud is the most splendid relic of the Passion and Resurrection.”

    Pope Benedict XVI (2005-2013): “… a photographic document of the darkest mystery of faith — that of Christ’s Crucifixion and Resurrection.”

    Pope Francis I (2013- ): “By means of the Holy Shroud, the unique and supreme Word of God comes to us”

  2. As I wrote yesterday, HuffPost is a mixed bag, and its pluralistic approach can confuse readers.
    It is important to leave bias aside, what the UK edition has not done, and let readers decide for themselves.
    The world is getting to be more dangerous as each day passes by, people are looking for meaning, those who have found meaning are not allowed to express it. It is high time that some of those in the media become conscientious and responsible in their approach.

  3. “It is high time that some of those in the media become conscientious and responsible in their approach.”

    ISIS is creating havoc in the Middle East and in North Africa, committing murder and mayhem, abducting young girls as brides to promulgate their pernicious species. Desperate refugees risk drowning in the Mediterranean in rickety unseaworthy craft, flooding Europe with their own version of Islam and fomenting strife there, and political leaders dilly-dally impotently allowing it all to happen. The best that Australia’s Prime MInister Tony Abbott can do is recommend that they follow his example and turn back all the refugees and not allow them to land, a policy of inhuman indifference. Meantime we hear that the dominant news in overseas media is New Zealand’s Prime Minister John Key playfully tugging some waitress’s pony tail in a cafe, and this trivial item has apparently gone globally ballistic. I have seen nought, nothing, zilch in any of the New Zealand media, religious or secular, about the Shroud’s current exposition programme in Turin. April 25 will be the centenary of the ANZAC landings at Gallipoli, an inglorious defeat for the allies, but a major national memorial commemoration for our two nations.

    So much for the priorities of post-modern news media and its gaggle of reporters!!

  4. It is a glaring example of how interests trumpet values in our world today. Pres. Obama will not recognise the Armenian genocide because Turkey is a NATO member (and buys arms from other countries!). Erdogan is a dangerous fanatic and his friendship with Saudi Arabia makes the situation even more dangerous. If Turkey enters the EU it will signal the end of Christian Europe. Whatever his failings, Pres. George Bush would have handled the situation in a better way.
    HRH Prince Charles spoke out, but it is not enough:
    The bloodthirsty fanatics are not always members of ISIS:

    As for the Shroud, Catholics in countries with a large Anglo-Saxon population, except the US, do not seem to be in favour of promoting interest in the Shroud. That is the reason why,perhaps, NZ Cardinal John Atcherley Dew has kept quiet. The Australian Cardinal George Pell is doing some excellent work in Rome, and beyond this his interest lies in John Henry Newman.

  5. ***Angel says: People will believe a lie, if you tell it often enough.

    Non-believers, due to the erroneous C-14 dating, are (in reality) making use of that phrase to not only discredit the Shroud, but to cast doubt on any future test that would validate its authenticity.

    Like “Alice in Wonderland,” what is up is down, what is right is wrong and what is truth is a lie.

    Welcome to the new world order. :)


  6. Is there anything this author is not ignorant about?

    He displays an intense ignorance of the actual facts and events of the continuing study which has completely discredited the carbon dating since it does not represent the date of the Shroud, but only a repaired corner.

    Thanks goes to Nabber for also showing the author’s ignorance of Papal statements about the Shroud itself.

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