imageI spotted the call on the Cardinal G. Saldarini  Association Facebook Page.  A headline topping the Home Page of the Holy Shroud Guild that read “CALL FOR TRADITIONAL LITURGY DURING EXPOSITION OF THE HOLY SHROUD – TURIN APRIL-JUNE 2015” had sent me hunting.

On the Rorate-Caeli blog I found a compact introduction:

In 2015, there will be in Turin an exposition of the Holy Shroud (Sindone), and millions of pilgrims are expected. We are trying to have as many TLMs as possible during the exposition and are already cooperating with many traditional communities and institutes supporting them as a local base to organize their celebrations and keeping a calendar of the various pilgrimages in order to avoid overlapping.

Our goal is to have the maximum possible of participants at their celebrations in Turin and to develop collaboration with them for the future. We have prepared an appeal to all traditional communities that has been released in many traditional sites and Facebook pages in French and other languages.

The Facebook page for the Associazione Cardinal G. Saldarini has the full release in English, which is now making the rounds of many Latin Mass societies:


for the Latin-Gregorian Liturgy “Summorum Pontificum”
(Coetus fidelium stabiliter existens ex art. 5 M.P. Summorum Pontificum et art. 15 . Instr. Universae Ecclesiae)

As you might already be aware of, H.E. Cesare Nosiglia, Archbishop of Turin, has arranged from 19th April to 24th June 2015, an extraordinary exposition of the Holy Shroud (more information and booking of the visit are available on the website

Among the pilgrims from around the world that will gather in Turin to venerate the holy relic, on this occasion there will certainly be, as in past expositions, many priests and devotees of the celebration of the Sacred Liturgy according to the extraordinary form of the Roman rite.

The Associazione Cardinal G. Saldarini – founded in 2013 to promote in the territory of the Province of Turin the celebration of the extraordinary form of the Roman Rite according to the provisions of MP Summorum Pontificum Cura – makes itself available to these priests and devotees to offer its help in the organization of the pilgrimage and in assisting the liturgical functions in the extraordinary form.

At the same time, it would like to take, as much as possible, the opportunity to participate and to involve the devotees in Turin in the functions that these pilgrims will organize.

For these reasons, if the community entrusted to you or that you are member of is interested in promoting a pilgrimage to Turin to venerate the Holy Shroud, including celebrations in the extraordinary form, we would be grateful if you would inform us by contacting us via mail (cardinalsaldarini @

If you would also like to know more about our activities, please visit our Facebook page (accessible without registration):

We look forward to hearing from you soon,

Sincerely yours in et M.a

I find this fascinating.  I’m Episcopalian.  My wife and I attend a parish church which does an Anglican version of the high mass every Sunday. Were it not in English you wouldn’t know the difference from appearances (except that you might notice women priests).