Open Discussion About Finding Jesus, Episode One: Examining the Shroud of Turin

Finding Jesus Premieres on CNN Sunday at 9pm ET/PT


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7 thoughts on “Open Discussion About Finding Jesus, Episode One: Examining the Shroud of Turin”

  1. I found it disappointing that there was no treatment of why the C-14 dating could have been wrong. Gibson just saying that samples were not taken from the center of the cloth but rather the edge is woefully inadequate.

  2. I was very disappointed with the time waisted on debunked theories such as the camera obscura. What’s the point? The general public has the right to accurate current findings.

  3. The most over hyped Flying Wallendas act ever aired. More time given to a reenactment of Nicholas Allen making a medieval photograph than in trying to outdo Mel Gibson doing torturous reenactment. A lot of John Jackson snapping 35 mm photographs of a photograph and Mark Guscin explaining what might have happened, maybe. The Shroud is probably not real, we are told, but that doesn’t matter because if it was it would be proof of something, maybe.

    1. Mostly agree. Typical show, nothing special. But I don’t think it was ‘sceptical’ -like most of the shows of the kind it was ‘neutral’ (this neutrality was forced of course, because sceptics really don’t have any serious arguments in this argue) for political correctness.

      Full episode available for watching here:

      The ‘In search of the Holy Treasure’ was much better I think. But wasn’t aired by CNN unfortunately.

  4. The most glaringly, inaccurate treatment of known Shroud wounds was the explanation(?) for the shoulder abrasions due to the carrying of the cross. Steering completely AWAY from what the Shroud shows us, we are taken on a visual journey of Jesus carrying the complete cross which, by their own admission, would have weighed 300lbs. It would have been impossible to carry. Especially someone as brutalized as the Man in this cloth. We KNOW the Shroud depicts the shoulder wounds to have been made by the patibulum (cross-beam). This would have been tied upon the Man using ropes. More surprising was when they contradicted this obvious (intentional?) error, by then inexplicably soliciting John Jackson’s obviously correct interpretation for the shoulder wounds. How could this blatant Shroud falsehood have been included in the final cut for Finding Jesus? During those scenes of Him carrying His cross on the Via Dolorosa, I almost expected to see Veronica coming out from among the crowd to wipe the face of Jesus. Sincere, legitimate, objective efforts must used when giving the public Shroud information. Every attempt should be made to ensure that misrepresentation (willful?) of what is already known to be fact is eliminated. The mistreatment of the shoulder wounds was glaring!

  5. Sadly this was just another media event to sensationalize a story, by omitting the scientific peer reviewed facts, in order to have a perpetual money making show.
    L.J. Williams, author of the historical novel Upper Room The Way: 33AD to 57AD

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