Speaking for San Antonio: will it light up at night?

imageThe folks at the Shroud Expo want you to help them. Just a few hours ago they posted this message on their Facebook page:

Register as a supporter for placing a 12 foot sign of the Man of the Shroud at 416 Dolorosa Street, San Antonio. Help us push the Historic Preservation board to grant us the right to place the sign on February 18, first day of Lent.

See our online Campaign for more information. Online registered supporters may take the signs home with them!!


I guess this storefront sign will have to do until they get their four million dollar building.


You have to agree; these folk think big and do it well.

I think I see where the sign is actually going in this live Google Street View.  Have fun, you can explore the neighborhood with your mouse or finger.

Will the sign light up at night?