Four Million Dollar Home for Shroud Expo in San Antonio

The Pilgrim Center of Hope, a Catholic Evangelization Ministry in San Antonio, Texas, is distributing a fundraising and information brochure about a planned 13,677 square foot
Shroud of Turin Visitor Center to be built by next year at a cost $4,300,000.00.


imageAccording to the brochure, three archbishop are lending their support to this effort including:

  • Most Rev. Gustavo Garcia-Siller (Archbishop, San Antonio)
  • Most Rev. Jose H. Gomez (Archbishop, Los Angeles, CA)
  • Most Rev. Patricio F. Flores (Archbishop Emeritus, San Antonio)
    "Who Is the Man of the Shroud?" is the official exhibition about the Shroud of Turin, currently located in eight cities internationally. This same exhibition has been donated to the Pilgrim Center of Hope and needs a permanent home.

Some of the Exhibition Items:

  • Exact replica of the Shroud of Turin
  • Life-size statue of the Man of the Shroud lying in repose
  • Replicas of crown of thorns, crucifixion nails, Roman flagrum, and Roman lancea
  • Touchable reproduction of the Shroud linen
  • Life-size lenticular image of the Shroud photographic negative images
  • Model of Christ’s tomb
  • Detailed photos of wound areas in color and black-and-white
  • Timeline maps of Shroud history
  • Photos of the 1978 official Shroud investigation
  • …and more.

MORE INFORMATION and a place to make a donation.

3 thoughts on “Four Million Dollar Home for Shroud Expo in San Antonio”

  1. $4,300,000.00 !

    As far as i recall the whole STURP investigation costed less than 2 million bucks, comparable sum, even considering inflation.

  2. Hi, Dan. Thanks for your continued efforts to promote the Shroud of Turin! I’ve admired your commitment to this blog over the years.

    As a staff member at the Pilgrim Center of Hope, I just wanted to clarify that the three endorsements by Bishops Flores, Gomez, and Garcia-Siller shown on our brochure are endorsements for the mission of the Pilgrim Center of Hope. While Archbishop Garcia-Siller continues to pray for and support our efforts, he has not given us a formal, written endorsement of this specific Visitor Center project.

    Also one more clarification: The traveling Shroud Exhibition which is currently in downtown San Antonio is not associated with the Pilgrim Center of Hope or our efforts to create a permanent Shroud of Turin Visitor Center in San Antonio, as may be inferred from your post “Crowd Funding a Twelve Foot Shroud of Turin Sign”. Our project has been in the works since 2010. :)

    Thanks again for your blog!

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