Shroud of Turin Picture of the Day (@sindone2015) tweets out this picture and a message to the effect that the shroud can be encountered by the blind at the Museo della Sindone (Museum of the Shroud) in Turin.  For additional  information see


This is the text of the tweet in the original Italian: L’incontro con la Sindone può essere un’esperienza anche per i non vedenti, per informazioni

4 thoughts on “Shroud of Turin Picture of the Day”

  1. But 3D rendering (elevating image intensity onto an imaginary vertical z axis) acts not only on the TS body image. It acts on the edges of the 1532 burn holes and their scorched surrounds as well.

    Anyone can show it for themselves with Shroud Scope and ImageJ as I have just done.

    So why is that not shown in the photograph that accompanies this posting? The body image is shown humped up and tactile for the otherwise laudable benefit of the visually impaired. The 1532 damage is relatively low relief. Why?

    Doctored image?

    Or, more charitably, a case of the blind leading the blind?

    Happy New Year.

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