imageThe place to see some of his work on the web is his Facebook page. You’ll want to bookmark it and return to browse through the hundreds of photographs.

A Google translation from the Spanish edition of Wikipedia tells us:

He graduated in Fine Arts in 1984 and in 1987 achieved his doctorate with a thesis entitled: Study of artistic anatomy to the iconography of the Crucified on the sculpture , presenting the Stmo. Cristo de la Paz Rochelambert (Sevilla) as a imagemodel. Since 1988 he is professor at the School of Fine Arts of Seville , and was subsequently appointed professor specializing in sculpture. He is a scholar of the Shroud , and uses the results of their research to improve the realism of the sculptural representations of Jesus of Nazareth as the Christ of the University of the University Brotherhood (Córdoba) finished in 2010.

His work is mainly religious themes and includes numerous images of Jesus Christ and the Virgin Mary destined to Brotherhoods of Easter different places Andalusia and the rest of Spain. One of his last works is a large monument dedicated to Pope John Paul II that is located adjacent to the Cathedral of Seville .