imageDiscovery Communications’ Talal Al-Khatib has put together a slide show called What Did Jesus Look Like? His take on it: “Artistic portrayals of Jesus have seemingly come to a consensus, though his image has changed over the centuries.”

The slides:

  • Jesus Depictions Through the Ages
  • Earliest Glimpse of Jesus
  • Jesus Grows a Beard
  • The Good Shepherd
  • The Apostles Appear
  • Baby Jesus
  • On the Cross
  • Shroud of Turin
  • Image Enhancement
  • Jesus Goes Global
  • Face to Face

The slide dealing with the Shroud of Turin reads:

For many Christians around the world, the Shroud of Turin depicts not a representation of Jesus, but the very image of his face, imprinted on the cloth in which he was buried following his crucifixion.

A radiocarbon test conducted in 1988 showed the Shroud to be manufactured during the Middle Ages, when it first resurfaced in recorded history. Skeptics, however, have cast doubt on the shroud’s dating, suggesting the small patch tested in 1988 was from a more contemporary repair rather than an original part of the material.

It is worth looking at What Did Jesus Look Like?

Hat tips to both Joe Marino and Fr. Duncan (+Dunk)