Okay. I apologize. I should not have referred to Most Holy Family Monastery
as a Beavis and Butthead monastery. It was name calling. It was wrong.
However, I stand by the rest of what I posted at
Well, no. You can’t call him a Catholic Wingnut. Wingnut? Yes!

A reader writes:


You are infinitely mentally inept for rejecting science. Geocentrism and the Divinity of the Our Lord Jesus Christ are scientifically demonstrated and irrefutable.  You do not even attempt to engage the scientific facts because obviously science is irrefutable. Instead you venture on to name-calling in order to make up for your infinite stupidity. You also did the same in regard to Most Holy Family Monastery and the Last Two Witnesses prophesied in Scripture- Henoch (Brother Michael Dimond) and Elias (Brother Peter Dimond). You attack their Religious status and yet are too stupid to even know how Monasteries are established in accordance to the laws of the Church. At any rate it shows you are inherently biased and prejudiced against them because you hate the truth. If you do not retract your defamations [and this is unlikely) you will never be forgiven by God Lord Jesus Christ and you will infallibly go to Hell where you belong. Their YouTube channel has the most video views of any YouTube channel in the world that purports to be Catholic. In fact not only does it have more video views on its YouTube channel than the Vatican but actually more video views than all the Vatican channel’s YouTube pages in all the various languages combined. Their website is the top ranked and most visited website in the world of any that purport to be Traditional Catholic. You attacked this truth- you liar. Lastly your skeptist-web outfit is blasphemous and moreover worthless.