clip_image001Not that any serious student of the Shroud of Turin is going find anything new or particularly meaningful in the ABC Good Morning America coverage, but our good friend and frequent contributor on this blog, Russ Breault, was great.

But what is the news story, here?

  1. Is the story the upcoming exhibition tomorrow with billions set to watch it live? Yes ABC  said ‘billions’ along the bottom of the screen.
  2. Or is the story that investigators at the University of Padua have shown that the shroud might be real despite carbon dating in the past? Did ABC actually say that skeptics call it the Fraud of Turin?
  3. Or is the story the iPhone app, Shroud 2.0? It was barely mentioned.

I don’t think the planners of the exhibition in Turin were counting on the Fanti’s book getting all this attention. Has it overshadowed Turin’s plans for Saturday or provided needed publicity?