Good Friday 2013


Second illustration in the Hungarian Pray Manuscript (or Pray Codex) as seen in the National Széchényi Library of Budapest. Named after György Pray who studied it in the late 1700s.

2 thoughts on “Good Friday 2013”

  1. As a Catholic, here’s the most profound meaning of Good Friday to me: This is “the death of the judgement” and the greatest sign that God, unlike everyone of us, is Love and Mercy and nothing else!!! And I want to add this: He’s Love and Mercy for everyone of his children, not just for those who believe in him on Earth. God doesn’t make categories like we do. He is God, not human.

  2. Yeshua here is seen as a GIANT (the tallest of the five) with his long hair worn in a ponytail at the back and a loin-cloth stained with blood rivulets and hanging at the rear of his pelvis. Ring bells?

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