BT writes:

clip_image001I want to pick up on a comment by John Klotz about scorching not disproving authenticity. I’ve been thinking about the scorch theory and how it might relate to the resurrection.

Forget about sand, charcoal dust or baby powder for buffering the process in ways that Colin Berry wants. The solution is so obvious. In the first instant of the resurrection the TSM turns to gold except for the bloodstains. The chemical reaction of this bit of miraculous alchemy produces extraordinary heat thus kicking off scorching of the cloth through conduction with what is in effect a metal statue. In the next instant the gold rapidly dematerializes. It happens so fast that the TSM space is now a near perfect vacuum. The cloth snaps shut. To speak of a collapsing cloth in this context is understatement. The near absolute zero temperature of the vacuum quickly chills the shroud and arrests the scorching thus confining the scorch to the first 200 or so nanometers. Scorching is the proof we have been looking for all these years. It isn’t by light but by turning to gold that we have an image.

I jest. The point is there is a lot of room for miraculous image formation and evidence that it might be a scorch changes nothing. Thoughts that a miracle is involved doesn’t make it pseudoscience. But fantastical speculations of life-size scorching statues, blood leaches and conspiracy theory from souvenir medals is pseudoscience in full flower.