New Book: Recycling Jesus

The Chesapeake area Bay Weekly has an article about a new book by Peter Abresch released January 31 called Recycling Jesus. I hadn’t heard about it and I can’t find any reviews. But I did find that you can get it at Amazon in paperback and Kindle editions.

imageCalvert County author Peter Abresch has a new mystery out just in time to add a touch more intrigue to the election of a new pope.

Recycling Jesus, the author’s 10th novel, is a mystery wrapped in the Church’s most venerated relic, the Shroud of Turin. The crime might have gone undetected had not the Shroud’s guard been killed.

Retired DEA agent Duncan Crouther is recruited to investigate. He is joined by the well-traveled and good-humored priest, Father Kevin O’Byrne. As the crime occurred on Italian soil, the Italian military police, the Carabinieri, are also involved — in the person of Maria Teresa Sconzo, a beautiful, fast-driving and very resourceful agent.

The spiritual and secular intertwine as this trio does some Grecian island-hopping in their quest to answer a very intriguing question. Do the thieves plan to use DNA from the Shroud to recreate Jesus?

3 thoughts on “New Book: Recycling Jesus”

  1. From the back cover “If Bagratian can prove the body on the Shroud was Jesus, and manage to sequence the DNA, and make a new Jesus, what’s to keep him from replicating a whole bunch?”

    A whole bunch of Jesuses…

    Note from the copyright page. “This book is a work of fiction”

  2. I am quite sure the shroud is NOT the one that was used to cover The Lord Yeshua Hamaschia. The book of John/Yohanan, chapter 20, vers nuber 7 in the Norwegian translation of KJAV 1611 states that the sweat cloth that had been wrapped around His Head did not lay together with the linen clothes, but was folded together on a place of it`s
    own. Luke 24, vers 12 also states that the linen clothes were put for themselves. In my mind that most likely means at at leas 2 places. Why does not the Turin shroud story contain these elements? I remember havin read that thousands of men were crusified as a roman
    death punishment, and lots of testing of this shroud does not bring The Body of The Lord Yeshua into it any way. I think it looks like a religious hysterical wishthinking hoax.

    1. Svein, kindly, before you go making comments such as; “I think it looks like a religious hysterical wishthinking hoax.” on this site, may I suggest you open your mind, leave any preconceptions behind, and then do some serious research on the matter. Your comment on the sweat cloth alone shows your total lack of knowledge on the matter.



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