Hugh Farey writes:

imageOver on Colin’s site the Pray Codex is being discussed, but I have a wider question which your readership might know something about. Has anybody, in connection with the shroud or not, translated the writing above the interment/resurrection page? And has anybody any idea why there is a lowercase ‘A’ labelling the cloth/tomb so prominently in the lower picture?

Anyone know the meaning of the ‘a’? Anyone have the translation?

You might want to start at the top of the comments and then join in at the posting Shroudie-Alert: Day 12: time now to write that long-overdue letter to the Royal Society…

Here are four illustrations (720×1089). They are also included below (600×908):

Four Illustrations:

  1. The living Jesus
  2. Jesus being taken down from the cross
  3. The burial and resurrection of Jesus (pertains to the Shroud)
  4. Christianity

    First Illustration in the Hungarian Pray Codex

    Second illustration from the Hungarian Pray Codex

    Third Illustration from the Hungarian Pray Codex, the one that relates to the Shroud of Turin

    Fourth illustration from the Hungarian Pray Codex