Junk Alert: More on the Official Website

imageEnter the “official” Shroud of Turin website by typing in sindone.org or www.sindone.org and the website will automatically load the page shown here. So far, so good. The official site provided by the diocesi di Torino. You can even link to it from the diocese’s official website. Every page is copyrighted by the diocese.

Now click on English or Français and you are automatically taken to information about the 2010 exhibition including upcoming events in 2010. Yes, I said upcoming in 2010.

Huh?, you say. Maybe you try something else. You click on the Press link. You are taken to a page which says: “To gain access to press reserved services and to the press office during the exposition you have to register here.” Clicking on register may or may not produce a commercial advertisement while clicking on here gets you this message:

On-line registration no longer available

Starting April 8, you must register in person to the press office in via XX Settembre 83 from 10 am to 6 pm

What does that mean? Ah, April 8. You must mean 2010.

Now you check out almost all the links in English, French and several other languages. Almost every page is about 2010 or has a message that says “Coming Soon,” or is a completely blank page except for a title. And by the way, it turns out that this applies to many pages in Italian as well. For example click here.

It has been this way for several days, or is it week, or is it years. Emails to the site go unanswered. It would be better to shut down this site than leave it up in its current form. Anyone know anyone in Turin?

4 thoughts on “Junk Alert: More on the Official Website”

    1. Gian Marco, thanks for the link. I think it sounds promising with exciting items like “open discussions” in the Centre of studies. Specially when this Centre, according to this website is intended to provide scientific advise to the Shroud Custodian

  1. When will the new site be ready in other languages? I agree it is awful to leave up such an out of date and erroneous site. It makes it seem as if nobody cares. Kill it or better yet redirect to the new site even if is is still unfinished.

  2. off topic….I know there has been some discussion in the past that the shroud might have been the table cloth for Christ’s last supper…a Jewish scholar has denied this…however there seems to be some evidence that table cloths WERE used by Jews around Christ’s time ie:refer here



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