imageRich writes:

I have all sorts of questions that I’d like to pose to you and your audience. Could you possibly publish those for me as they come up?

I think that I’ve already posed something similar to the following question, but for instance: What peer-reviewed articles (pro and con) regarding the carbon dating have been published since the originalNature article in 88?

I’m not sure of the appropriate terminology, but some "papers" have been "peer-reviewed" for a conference rather than a journal; and also, some papers have been peer-reviewed but apparently never published (e.g. M. Sue Benford and Joseph Marino. New Historical Evidence Explaining the “Invisible Patch” in the 1988 C-14 Sample Area of the Turin Shroud (2005)). I’d like to know about these as well.

By way of an email from Rich to Yannick I learn . . .

I’ve been on the Randi forum ( since 3/6/12 (little over 6 months). At that point, the thread I joined (about the Shroud) had garnered just 16 posts in the 2 ½ months since opening. It now has 3,192 posts, and 109,000 hits, and I’m the only one on the thread arguing for authenticity – the other 60 souls (approximately) on the thread are arguing against authenticity.

Mostly, these other guys are making foolish and insulting claims. But, some of their claims have seemed to me reasonable, and for which, I don’t have very good answers (mostly, I think, because I don’t have nearly enough time to do the necessary research)…

I’m willing to try making this an open thread where Rich can ask questions as comments and we can perhaps provide answers. Let’s see what happens. But I don’t want this thread or this blog to become a dumping ground of “foolish and insulting claims” from the Randi Forum crowd. We have a good thing going on this blog, good and well thought out discussions for the most part. I want to keep it that way.