imageA reader writes:

. . . You have a very nice site that you’ve clearly invested much in.  I’m just honestly stumped at why?  I haven’t dug deep on your site so I may be wrong but it seems aimed at basically just that?  Substantiating the validity of the shroud being that of Christ’s?  Again – if so … why would it mean so much to you?  Please understand, if I held a cloth I knew to have been soaked in the blood of Christ, it would mean the world to me on so many levels – but proving it was such would honestly mean little to nothing to me, unless I believed God wanted me to invest in such efforts – which, I can’t imagine him doing and cannot think of any real instance in which he has ever done that.

If every test imaginable pin-pointed the date of the cloth to what would widely be accepted as the most probable date of Christ’s death.  If it was beyond any argument that the image on the cloth was printed in blood.  What would that tell you?  If hundreds gathered and fasted and prayed for weeks with all believing God confirmed in their spirits that it was Christ’s burial cloth … what then?  If … & I am not being facetious … Christ appeared to you one day & simply said, “seems important to you so I just wanted you to know for sure … yea … it was my burial cloth” – what then?  I mean this as honest curiosity so if you’re busy or have no real appetite to reply, that’s cool.  I’m always moved by peoples passion to pursue and dig into all truth pertaining to God so I’m just curious why you would be so given to things related to the shroud.  I can’t say given to proving it was Christ’s as there ultimately can be no way to prove such.  His signature & video testimony would not do so.  So then … why?  What’cha gunnin for here Mr. P?  Blessings – just curious.

My wife calls it a hobby. When I was a child my father tried to get me into stamp collecting. This is a bit more fun. Someone else described it as my Mount Everest. Not exactly; Mount Everest is only 29,000 feet high.