imageA guest author (“Fr. Dunn is down for the count with the flu”) writes in Internet Monk:

My feeling about this find? Who knows? Who cares? If this scrap of papyrus could be proven to be true, what difference does it make? It is obviously not taken from a book of accepted Scripture. I doubt Jesus was married—that would have been a pretty big detail to leave out of the entire New Testament! If he was, that did not affect him being both the Son of Man and the Son of God at once. This seems to me to be another Shroud of Turin. Is that really the burial cloth used to cover Jesus? Who cares? We know that some cloth did—it very well could have been the Turin one. What is more important to me is that Jesus shed his shroud and rose again. For that there is no proof. We must come to God by faith, not by sight.

At times, I like to think this is true. But then again, it isn’t that simple. Don’t we constantly study apologetics, history of Christianity, non-canonical literature, archeology of the Holy Land, religion and science, theology, etc.