imageAlan Boyle in the Cosmic Log on MSNBC. This is a well written, carefully detailed article until the last five or so paragraph given over to the unqualified opinions of Joe Nickell.

The Italian studies, conducted at the ENEA Research Center in Frascati, addresses a specific question in Shroud science: Could a burst of radiation have created the coloration seen on the linen? The answer is yes, although the results reported in the latest studies aren’t a perfect match. So does that mean the Shroud image could only have been created by the flash of a miraculous resurrection? The answer is no, despite what you might read on the Web.

Five years of tests

"Sadly, we have seen many claims spread in the Web made by journalist/bloggers that discuss the content of a paper they never read," lead researcher Paolo Di Lazzaro told me today in an email. "It is obvious that a serious scientific work cannot prove any supernatural action. We have shown that the most advanced technology available today is unable to replicate all the characteristics of the Shroud image. As a consequence, we may argue it appears unlikely a forger may have done this image with technologies available in the Middle Ages or earlier. The probability the Shroud is a medieval fake is really low. In this sense, the Shroud image is still a scientific challenge."

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The latest studies were presented at a May conference in Frascati and published in November as an ENEA technical report (with a disclaimer saying that the contents didn’t necessarily express ENEA’s opinion). But they didn’t really get traction until this week, just in time for Christmas, thanks to a series of sensationalized British news reports.

I’ve traded emails yesterday and today with Paolo Di Lazzaro. I know how hard he trying to make sure the story is being told accurately. The Telegraph and the Independent did sensationalize. But I think Vatican Insider bears some of the blame, which became the only English language source for sloppy journalists. Read the entire article: Cosmic Log – Was Holy Shroud created in a flash? Italian researchers resurrect old claim