New Photographs of Shroud Images Throughout the World


Francis DeStefano has added pictures to his posting about Shroud Images Throughout the World and a link to other sites at

Go have a look. Some great photographs now at Resurrection NOW Inc. Powered by my Lord and my God: Shroud Images Throughout the World

Keep it sane with the Shroud of Turin

Jennifer Hoyt, a seminarian, writes:

When I first encountered the shroud, had I at the same time run across this freaky stuff about outer space aliens or the occult stuff about quantum bioholography I would have laughed my ass off and never taken the shroud seriously. As luck would have it, I encountered and May others also be so fortunate.

Keep it sane. Thanks for the good work on your entertaining and informative blog.

What is the Internet?

As Barrie Schwortz celebrates fifteen years of it is amusing to ponder the state of the public’s awareness about the Internet. Perhaps more people understood the Shroud of Turin. Here we see Bryant Gumbel and Katie Couric, just two years before Barrie launched his website discussing how NBC News asked viewers to send  feedback via e-mail. They were confused about the @ symbol and what the internet was.

Faster Forward – 1994 ‘Today’ show ‘What is Internet?’ clip offers a reminder: We were all newbies once

Silver Cross of Turin Crucifix

imageChurch Services Tv  is selling a crucifix based on the Shroud of Turin.

Link: Church Services Tv Blog » Blog Archive » Silver Cross of Turin- From Milestones of Life

Tin Hat Warning

imageI have heard from Dr. Andrew Silverman about the insane summary of what he said . . . that “the Shroud of Turin contains compelling evidence of a human who transformed into pure energy and ascended back into the Godverse—an attainment defying the soul snatchers’ grand scheme to genetically harness soul migration.”

He tells me:

You are right that Randy Maugens did misunderstand what I had said. Anyone who listens to the interview will see that.

Okay, I agree. But, read more (below the fold). Craziness about aliens and UFOs and many other lunacies can have a devastating effect on the credibility of Shroud of Turin science.  As I wrote earlier, as the Shroud of Turin gains credibility from responsible scientific and historical research, it unfortunately attracts many nutcase theories. This is unfortunate because an unwary internet public might think that people who believe the Shroud is genuine buy into this crap.

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More Earths and Other Beings

imageDennis Overbye in the New York Times:

In a building at NASA’s Ames Research Center here, computers are sifting and resifting the light from 156,000 stars, seeking to find in the flickering of distant suns the first hints that humanity is not alone in the universe.

. . . Over the next two or three years, as Kepler [a $600 million satellite observatory] continues to stare and sift, astronomers say, it will be able to detect planets in the “Goldilocks” zones, where it is neither too hot nor too cold for liquid water.

“What we want is to find life,” said Geoffrey Marcy, an astronomer at the University of California, Berkeley, who is part of the Kepler team.

Shhh. Someone will dream up another weird theory related to the Shroud of Turin.

Full article: Kepler Observatory Seeks More Earths and Other Beings –

Quora on the Shroud of Turin

imageQuora has been getting a lot of attention in the news lately. Here is the topic entry for What is the Holy Shroud of Turin? So far, one moderately okay answer, plus two pending. The first of the pending is about the Leonardo craziness. The second pending answer is from me and is just a quick throw together. The answers need work and Quora needs work.