imageAt UFO Digest (which claims proof of UFOs, alien abductions and the paranormal) there is an article untitled, “Unholy Experiment: Alien Greys and Soul Harvesting.” Therein we encounter this quote:

As explained by Dr. Silverman, the Shroud of Turin contains compelling evidence of a human who transformed into pure energy and ascended back into the Godverse—an attainment defying the soul snatchers’ grand scheme to genetically harness soul migration.


imageRidiculous:  As the Shroud of Turin gains credibility from responsible scientific and historical research, it unfortunately attracts many nutcase theories. This is unfortunate because an unwary internet public might think that people who believe the Shroud is genuine buy into this crap.  I, for one, do not. There is no scientific or theological basis for this silliness. The Shroud contains no such compelling evidence.

Those of us who might be quoted incorrectly, as maybe the case here, need to be vigilant to request corrections and retractions.