imageThere is a page being replicated over and over on the web by one of those newest spamming tools called a blog scraper bot. The theory is that if enough carbon copy web pages are created, people will hit upon them. The purpose it to sell ads. This particular page is called “Atheists: Thoughts About The Shroud Of Turin?” It seems to have been culled from an Atheist discussion forum. It begins as somebody poses a question to the group:

I’m watching a show on History TV channel right now. It’s amazing how they can make a digital enhancement of the person that was wrapped in the shroud. There is blood on the ankles and feet and wrists and forehead. Actually blood everywhere, that He was beaten and crucified.

A man was definitely wrapped in the cloth. But could it be Jesus?

Also, they say that the crown of thrones is in Paris now. And the cross was cut up and in different churches around Europe and Africa.


John m jumps in first:

I am not an Atheist however I have researched the Turin Shroud and it is clear that it did once contain the body of a man and cannot be faked. . . . Atheists will attack your question because they simply do not want to consider anything because they believe in nothing and rely on science to back up their beliefs. . . .

That wasn’t expected! Now several Atheists chime in. I like the next commenter. Notice the first  and second sentences and then the change of subject:

The Shroud of Turin is a fake. It is a work of art. The Crown of Thorns and the True Cross were “found” by Constantin’s (sic) mother 300 years after the Crucifixion. She was not an Archaeologist, nor a Historian and yet pointed out all the things about the life and death of Jesus as proof. She was a crackpot member of a cult. The only reason she was not put to death is that she was the mother of the emperor. Instead of the death she deserved, Christianity was made the state religion and she was given unlimited money and power to go “prove” Jesus was real. Jesus was a false prophet according to the Bible. Christianity is a lie.

A lot more nonsense follows. I would change the title to “Atheists and Non-Atheists: Mindless Ramblings About the Shroud of Turin.” I have not linked to the botted page on purpose.