Stop with the Crowd Funding of Shroud of Turin Movies and Such

imageI mentioned this on December 12, last year: Press Release: Planned Film About Apostle Thaddeus. Now Stephanie Buckner is reporting about it in The Cleveland Advocate. That is Cleveland, Texas:

Local pastor Stephen Missick of Kings of Saints Tabernacle in Cleveland is gearing up to work with actor Lorenzo Lamas, best known to many for his 1980’s film work, as well as starring in the television series “The Renegade.”

The pair will be working together on an upcoming film project, which will depict Lamas in the role of the Apostle Thaddeus in a biblical epic. The film project, currently being made under the working title “The Acts of the Apostle Thaddeus,” is being produced by Walker Cable Productions and will be filmed in an area near San Antonio.

[ . . . ]

“The film will dramatize the triumph, trials and tribulations of the early church,” said Missick. “The film also tells the story of the mysterious ‘Image of Edessa,’ a cloth that bore the image of Christ that many researchers believe to be the Shroud of Turin.”

Missick has developed a Kickstarter campaign to help with the funding of the project. If the necessary funds are raised, the movie is set to begin filming in mid-March.

How is the Kickstarter campaign going?  According to the site this morning, 14 backers have pledged $4,617.00 of an $80,000 goal and there are five days remaining. 

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And then there is:  6) Crowdfunding to be Used for 2015 Exposition

In many cases money gets paid and it just evaporates. 

Shroud Expo Fundraising Campaign for Catholic Charities

Check it out at IndieGoGo. You can get a cool T shirt like the one in the YouTube, above, for only $25.00.

What We Need & What You Get

The Shroud of Turin Expo is seeking to raise funds for the Catholic Charities of San Antonio, Texas. The goal is to raise awareness of all the good that the Charities do for the community and the much needed funds. The Expo will be in San Antonio starting November 2014 and willgive back to the local community by helping to raise these funds.

Donors will be able to help the local community and receive fantastic perks such as Anytime tickets to the Expo at bargain prices, Shroud of Turin images or many other unique pieces. A portion of the proceeds from all these perks will be donated to the Catholic Charities in San Antonio in November to help with their charity needs for the Christmas season.

Crowdfunding to be Used for 2015 Exposition

imageThe Google translation leaves something to be desired. Even so, you can get the idea. Marco Bonatti, the Director of Communications Shroud Exposition 2015 tells us:

A network of small and large partners to support all projects of the exposition; and multiple modes of financing, including the involvement of citizens through the "crowdfounding."

and there is this:

Projects – Regarding the crowdfounding will be activated in the coming months platforms needed to start collections around specific projects that will be identified or who can report to the Committee. The proposed contribution will all be received and considered by the Organising Committee, which will use a ‘grid’ of ethical criteria that help to assess the compatibility of the proposals with the objectives and style of the exposition.

Companies and individuals who are interested in collaborating in the preparation of the exposition can take right now a first contact by sending an e-mail message to this address: .

Crowdfunding has been discussed in relationship to the shroud and even tried in one instance by David Rolfe. See Crowdfund my meth lab, yo and The Shroud Affair Crowd Funding Campaign: A Guest Posting by David Rolfe.

Maybe it will work well.

The Shroud Affair Crowd Funding Campaign: A Guest Posting by David Rolfe

“I am hoping that Shroudies everywhere will rally round . . .”

imageBy David Rolfe

In my view the recent campaign was a minor miracle and a major success! Over $5k in as many weeks. I had gone to a seminar on finance for films and someone gave a talk on this new phenomenon of crowd funding. Could it possibly work for me? I have been struggling for a while with my script. Frankly, while, in my humble opinion, it is already better than most of the films that reach our screens, it is not yet good enough to do the job I want it to do. Entertain, of course, but also be true to its subject and leave the audience wanting more of it. I am only going to get one shot at this. It’s taken a long time already and my own meagre resources nearly expired. So, this campaign has been both a psychological and practical shot in the arm and I have learned a great deal from it.

The main thing I have learned is that I don’t think I really need a site like Indiegogo to do it. They are a great platform and make the process of submission relatively easy. But, over 95% of the contributors came from the good efforts of Barrie Schwortz and his announcement, the readers of this blog and my own database – hardly anything from the casual browsing traffic on Indiegogo.

imageFor a continuing project like the development of The Shroud Affair, the setting of a deadline and target for a specific period is fairly arbitrary. When I was launching the campaign some films with celebrities attached were raising millions and Zombie movies or spinoffs from whacky video games were raising sums in six figures. Where to pitch the most amazing mystery in the world? I plucked $25k from the air. It will take a lot more than that to get the project up to a pitch where Hollywood must take notice but it seemed a reasonable place to start in that company.

So, with what I have learned, I have developed the proposition in a number of ways. First, I have decided to cut out the middleman and set up my own site for the purpose which is hereby launched. This already saves the 10% in fees and processing via Indiegogo.

I have structured it so that any funds received under the heading of crowd funding will be set-aside into a pot that will be treated equally with other investments when it comes to the distribution of any profits. This means that not only will contributions get the whole thing off the ground but, if successful, create a fund for further Shroud research. If it achieves its most critical objective, it will help usher in the next scientific round of tests and, like The Silent Witness did for STURP, this film may be able to provide some funds towards it.

This brings me to another decision. The Silent Witness was made possible because (The Late) Fr. Peter Rinaldi of the Holy Shroud Guild of America responded very positively to my request for help back in 1976 when I went to visit him in New York when everyone here in London and TV distributors in the US had turned my proposal down. He trusted me enough to put his influence behind me and it was not long before the project was fully funded. His reward was that he could use the share of the profits that accrued to the Guild to prime the STURP expedition. The Shroud Affair is now dedicated to his memory and I believe that nothing in this world – or the next – would please him more for it to succeed in its objectives.

The exercise also forced me further into the realms of social media including the previously opaque (to me) world of Twitter. It may well be that the answer to getting a bigger audience for this (and the whole subject) may come from this powerful force. If anyone out there already is a member of the Twitterati and would like to assist they would be very welcome. Failing that, this project is going to be dependent largely on those of us already hooked. How many of us are there? Barrie has over 3,000 on his list. Dan’s annual hit rate is huge – well into the upper six figures I believe. I’m not sure how that translates into Shroudies, however.

If I am going to succeed I am going to have to get a much larger proportion of this cohort to trust me to bring this subject much higher up the agenda. What can I say? Our rarefied field sometimes seems full of factions fighting for their particular perspective. And that’s fine. That’s how we slowly get to a truth. At least it would be if there was any prospect of real answers and there will not be while the Vatican remains seemingly indifferent to calls for another chance for science.

One of the reasons my task of scriptwriting has been difficult has been the imperative for the result to be entirely neutral as far as any of our controversies are concerned. All options in the story, including a medieval fake, must remain open at the end with only the Shroud’s unique nature and powerful subjective qualities being asserted. I am reminded here of Father Peter. Some months after the C14 was announced and long before its shortcomings were properly understood I asked him how he felt about it. He replied in that distinctive tremulous voice: “I believe the Shroud is a miracle. Why shouldn’t it be a medieval miracle?” My script even allows for this.

So, going forward, and with this assurance from me, I am hoping that Shroudies everywhere will rally round and if not able to support the project themselves do whatever they can to publicise it. Self-appointed though I am, I am doing everything I can to make it something we can all be proud of.

David Rolfe 27th. September 2013.

Too Bad

Time ran out on the crowdfunding campaign with just 21% of the funding goal of $25,000 raised. Sixty-three people participated.


Five Days Remain in the Shroud Affair Crowdfunding Campaign



Come on the journey from David W Rolfe on Vimeo.

I say let all of us help David help us all

The following is a guest posting by David Rolfe,
a regular participant on this blog.

imageThe page on which Dan posted news of the endorsement for my Crowd Funding campaign from Dr. Rowan Williams has sparked a debate that has now just under a hundred contributions. The ignition for this was Dr. William’s reference to being impressed with Ian Wilson’s Edessa Image theory. This has run in parallel with a guest posting from Yannick that uses a recently rediscovered paper by Ray Rogers to spark 42 comments on the question of the nature and cause of the image.  With respect to all the contributors, (among which I have to include myself), I suggest that any objective and disinterested observer of these pages would conclude that the whole exercise risks going round in ever decreasing circles and, if one was being harsh, risks becoming a fatuous exercise. This is not because, for the most part, the minds being exercised are particularly deficient. It is because the available information about which so much is argued is so stale and limited. We all know that is because the Shroud – for all serious purposes of study – has been removed from the world.  It might just as well have been consumed in the fire of 1997 as far as its study and scholarship is concerned.

imageYes, we have some more widely available images available in an app but I have seen no great revelations come from these yet.  At this rate, we all, along with the likes of Dr. Zugibe [pictured to the right with Al Alder in a tee shirt], Kim Deisbach [pictured below] and many other great Shroud scholars gone before, will have to wait to get to the other side to find out anything more of substance.  As anyone who has read my posts here and elsewhere over the last few years will know my preoccupation has been with trying to create some momentum to encourage the powers that be to reopen the Shroud to science. So far,to no avail.  Meanwhile, the Shroud lies useless not just to its own scholarship, but to that part of the world’s population that might have most to learn from it if it does, indeed, have something more meaningful to tell us.

imageAmong the reasons cited by Bruno Barberis for the Vatican being reluctant to proceed further with another scientific examination is, believe it or not, the question of money. Hard to imagine, I know, that an organisation as wealthy as the Vatican and its dedicated Knights and other prestigious orders, cannot find the necessary cash to undertake this task. But such things are expensive and whatever must be done must be done without any risk from undue sponsorship or anything else that might allow its conclusions to risk being compromised. Perhaps Crowd Funding might one day be the answer.

That brings me to my own current crowd funding campaign which is just entering its final two weeks. To date, it has raised just under 20% its target of $25k. I am told it is not unusual for the bulk of funds to materialise in the final stages. I must hope this is the case. So far, with some notable exceptions, the reaction from our Shroud community has been disappointing. Are they holding back until now or simply turning their back? This post, by way of its comments, may well allow me to find out. I am proud to have got the endorsement of many but not least, Bruno Barberis, himself.  Getting the backing of a former Archbishop also gave me some grounds for optimism. 

The secret of crowd funding is revealed in the name. It is about many giving a little. $10 is all it takes to, at least, show some moral support and, collectively, a great deal more. I have been very disappointed that so few "shroudies" have felt able to. So, I ask them here. Please tell me through your comments to this why you think such a donation is not worth the potential upside?  Or alternatively, suggest a better way of bringing about a new climate for the Shroud and its study.

Click on the image below to participate