imageDavid Rolfe writes:

For the remainder of the campaign all three of my Shroud films can be viewed for free here:


Please circulate as far and wide as you can.  There are links to the campaign on the page and at the end of each film.

Have a good weekend and thank you.


(Above letter reformatted by me for the blog.)

As of this posting, you have 38 days left to watch these three excellent films and you have 38 days left to contribute.

So how big is crowdfunding? In an email release, Indigogo, the firm David chose, justifiably brags:

Indiegogo has now broken the world record for hosting the biggest crowdfunding campaign of all time! Thank you to everyone for making this happen, and for making history.

Canonical’s Ubuntu Edge has over $10,267,352 pledged from more than 22,053 contributions from people in 63 countries. To find out more about the campaign, check out our infographic below:

The Ubuntu Edge is a planned smart phone targeting the Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy.