Interview with Mark Guscin

Russ Breault writes:

Here is an interview I did with Mark Guscin on the Sudarium.  David Alexander, now deceased, was a model for how the napkin was wrapped around a human head.

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  1. There are a lots of data coming from the Sudarium (for me, the most important is the high degree of uniqueness of that relic and its gruesome and realism aspect that do not show any artistic value) that seems to indicates that it probably covered the same head as the Shroud, but nevertheless, there are still some questions left for me to be as convinced as I am concerning the authenticity of the Shroud.

    To be certain that this relic is as genuine as the Shroud, I think I will have to wait until an independent DNA comparison that would not be done by the Spanish team of sindonology, but by a team who have not made any researches on Christian relics.

    By the way, even if I have no serious reason to doubt the honesty, professionalism and expertise of that Spanish team who analyzed the Sudarium, I would love to see their work being redone by that kind of completely independent team of researchers. I think it would be a very good thing to see hapenning. Same thing for the Shroud by the way.

    1. Thank you Dan for publishing Mr. Breault’s interviews. For me Shroud and Sudarium is genuine.

      I agree with Yannick for further research to confirm those claims.

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