clip_image001An unusual announcement of an exhibition of a replica of the shroud at the Reg Hartt: Hell’s Kitchen, The Public Enemy, The Cineforum in Toronto:

A Replica of THE SHROUD OF TURIN obtained from Barry Schwortz, the official photographer of the 1978 STURP team which examined THE SHROUD is now in Toronto at Reg Hartt’s THE PUBLIC ENEMY (aka THE CINEFORUM, HELL’S KITCHEN) , 463 Bathurst Street in Toronto. The setting is as far from foreboding as it gets. There is a BEER STORE across The Street. You are welcome to bring in a beer, a bottle of wine, some whiskey or, if you prefer, to go out back and smoke a little pot.

You can come by any day at any time between 12 noon and 10pm. Just call first to make sure we are here.


Sundays at 8pm for those who wish to see it I will be screening Barrie Schowrtz talking about The Shroud.

Photo:  From the Torontoist, Reg Hartt: activist, educator, civic prankster.