What Next? Stadiums?

These Shroud Encounter presentations are getting big, like this one at The Villages in Florida.


4 thoughts on “What Next? Stadiums?”

  1. One thing the St. Louis Conference demonstrated is that Russ is an accomplished, entertaining and very serious lecturer of the Shroud.

  2. LOL I love your headline Dan. They had over 900 attend and each one paid $10 as a fund raiser for seminarians. The Villages is HUGE…over 100K live there and at least that many golf carts. A great place to retire.

    1. In how many languages is this presentation being distributed? I may be able to translate some of the written content.

      1. Eric, it is unfortunately only in English. My main Shroud Encounter presentation is 90 minutes…to involve translators would make it twice that long. Perhaps a video of the presentation could be dubbed into Spanish or other languages. I have not yet investigated that.

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