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imageJohn Klotz  pens out some thoughts about what two people are saying about his book in A critcal response to a critic. For instance, on what Hugh Farey, the editor of the British Society for the Turin Shroud (BSTS), wrote, John writes:

As an author, I suppose that I should not be too sensitive to criticisms. It comes with the territory. However, Hugh Farey’s  criticism posted on shroudstory.com that I did not devote enough space and energy to explaining why Picknett-Prince theory that DaVinci forged the Shroud 100 years after it was first exhibited in Lirey, France is nearly as supercilious as the theory itself (which Hugh apparently rejects also).

And on what Ms. Underwood had to say over at Amazon,  John tells us:

[Her] review was enlightening and helpful to me:

"Excellent account of the history of Shroud research and presents a very good case for its authenticity! I was a bit disappointed that it did not delve into how the findings of quantum physics may provide a possible mechanism for the image formation."

I will be preparing a revision to answer Ms. Underwood’s comment and if anyone has already purchased the book, I will provide the revision gratis. Actually, the revision of the one chapter will include a discussion of a 2010 presentation by Andrew Sullivan and Nigel Kerner[iii] which argues that consciousness was an elemental power that along with gravity pre-existed the universe and engendered it. That’s my very brief summary and/or conclusion.

You will want to read A critcal response to a critic.

4 thoughts on “On Early Reviews”

  1. I may have been a little too critical of Hugh. His confusion at my use of an “Americanism” was sincere. I have to remember that not everyone understands us Yankees and the way we talk.

    I think it was Churchill who said something about the US and Britain were united by history and divided by a common language.

  2. John,take it from an old hand, first book published in 1980. Whatever you write, however well researched, however much you have specialist knowledge others do not have, you will still get people who say what you write is garbage, or plagiarism or dishonest . Just learn to live with it and never respond with the same kind of abuse! I think you are too sensitive to even the most mild of criticism. Wait until somebody really pulls your book apart!

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