What’s with the wind noise and the big stick?

Hat tip to Joe Marino

This has to be the most unusual skeptical YouTube I’ve seen on the subject of the shroud’s authenticity. Don’t worry, it is only two minutes long.

Did he just say it is easier to fit a round peg in a round hole?

Hat tip to Joe Marino

3 thoughts on “What’s with the wind noise and the big stick?”

  1. With the wind noise, maybe I picked up about 5% of the ‘dialogue’, but I shan’t be bothering to fit my hearing aids for a repeat performance.

  2. It was hardly possible to listen to anything in this amateur production. All one must say is that the lesser the rubbish that is being said about Jesus over the Internet, the better for believing Christians. It is picked up by anti-Christians all over the world, encouraged as they become with what they read or hear, who then proceed to slaughter Christians.
    Saudi Arabia is behind most of it, with millions of dollars at their disposal, that is why they want to topple Assad, who has been protecting Christians in Syria, and establish a theocratic state there. Look what the Saudis are doing in their own country

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