Tinfoil Hat Version of Face Matching

“As announced by Benedict XVI . . . censored and suppressed
by the media as well as within the Vatican.”

imageThe document is lengthy. You can see the whole  document at the Scribd document depository. The title page alleges that it is an apostolic letter in regards to Brian Leonard Golightly Marshall’s claim to be the Christ. The last page contains a presumably-faked “signature” of Benedict XVI.

Here is enough of a snippet to get the whole idea:

Dear Friends in Christ.

Over the past few days of this Month of March. I have learned about a man who is named Brian Golightly Marshall. He claims to be The Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of Man, reincarnated in Sydney, Australia on the most holy day of January 11th, 1944. It is the Faith that we are experiencing before our eyes! He is the word reincarnated …

Many doubt that Mr. Brian Marshall is He, but ¡ tell you he is. As his many disciples put it: “He is the most royal man alive”. He has fulfilled the prophecies within the Last Book of the Bible: Revelation. If you look at Mr. Brian Marshall’s face and compare it to that of the Most Holy Shroud of Turin, you will see something spectacular. And from the bottom of my heart, I tell you all, ever since I have realized the Truth about Christ Jesus’ Return to Earth, I was stunned, and the news has changed the remainder of my life and pilgrimage completely and beautifully. (emphasis mine)

Apparently (or so I imagine), since Pope Francis has not bought into Marshall’s claims, Marshall was compelled to release a face matching YouTube. Kelly, a reader of this blog from Memphis, inspired (or so I imagine) by all the face matching going on in recent days (Speaking of Matching Faces and An Experiment with Overlay), brought the following face matching video to my attention. Enjoy. But first read the “About” for the video, shown here, and then do yourself a favor by skipping the first minute of the video:

imageModern computer software layers flesh over the ghost image of the soul of Jesus, to reveal Yahweh today Brian Leonard Golightly Marshall as identified by Pope Benedict XVI on March 12th 2013. Francis is the Antichrist who rejected the news told to him by Benedict on March 23rd 2013 at Castel Gandolfo. April 3rd Father Giuseppe Civello, Sister Maria Della Rosa and Giovanni Rossinni were kidnapped by men hired by Francis and organized by Georg Ganswein to shut the mouth’s of the 3 witnesses to the second coming that unfolded within Pope Benedict’s Office. Father Giuseppe was shot 8 times in Cassibile Sicily on April 13th 2013, Sister Maria got out of Malta where she had been taken to and wrote the Christ a letter on October 25th 2013 the link below and Msgr. Giovanni Rossini who uploaded the Apostolic Letter Benedict wrote from Toronto since Giuseppe was stopped from Rome, he is presumed dead.

6 thoughts on “Tinfoil Hat Version of Face Matching”

  1. Marshall is an amateur and there is a professional who has been around for a lot more time than him:
    Since he also employs “matching faces” and “overlay” — see the right-hand site of the site in English — it goes to demonstrate that it is becoming a joke.
    We must find out if he plays football.

  2. God help us. What total nonsense. This plays right into what many fundamentalists have said about the Shroud, that it is a tool of satan to deceive. While I categorically reject that notion, it is curious to see how the Shroud is being used to validate certain “false Christs” Jesus warned about. I guess imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. It would be hard for satan to produce a counterfeit shroud, but he could use the real shroud to promote a counterfeit Christ. Very clever…but should we expect any less from the serpent who has made deception an art form?

  3. I think this man is just ‘having us on,’ as the Aussies say. No one who is a Christian will believe this rubbish, Christians of any denomination will back up what the Bible says; “no one, only the Father in Heaven, knows the day nor the hour when the Son of Man will return.” and “He will come as a thief in the night,” not as Lady Gaga on tour. My daughter calls me Frau Farbissener (affectionately) because I am a dead ringer for Mindy Silverman of the “Austin Powers” series, but can I act? Nope. Unless Mr. Marshall starts healing the sick, raising the dead, vanquishing all evil on the Earth, I just can’t give the coveted “Josie Lu’s Stamp of Approval.” Better we should laugh this one off, have a few yuk yuks at the rather handsome Mr. Marshall’s expense and move on.

  4. This man is-obviously-a fraud. Moreover he is married. People who read the Bible know that Yeshua s second Coming will not be in flesh, but in glory.

    This man has serious mental illness.

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