Giulio Fanti |  10-Oct-2014  |  8:30-9:30 pm


The group is composed of several academics from around the world, researchers, scholars and it has the advantage of presenting a remarkable multidisciplinary, necessary for Shroud studies.

In 2005 the group published a paper on the characteristics of the Shroud, to be considered for the study of the body image formation (Ref. 1). In 2008 it organized an " International Conference – The Shroud of Turin : Perspectives on a Multifaceted Enigma ," in Columbus, Ohio.

Many interesting results about the Relic have been obtained from the rich discussion of SSG and from the work of SSG members. Among them it must not forgotten the “Doubly superficiality” body image (Ref. 2); the first dating after the 1988 radiocarbon results made by R. Rogers (Ref. 3) who demonstrated that the Shroud is much older than the Medieval date obtained in 1988; the mechanical and opto-chemical dating (Refs. 4, 5) that determined a date of the Shroud (33 B.C. ±250 years at 95% confidence level) compatible with the age in which Jesus Christ lived in Palestine; some new hypotheses of body image formation like those of the author and of Paolo Di Lazzaro (Refs. 6, 7).

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