Or how to make a diabolical figure (Baphomet) from the image of
Anti-Anti-Christ (that is Christ Himself)


O.K. sends this along in response to by posting, Don’t tell Barbara Frale:

A few notes:

  • We know from Aldo Guerschi and Michele Salcito work that those waterstains predate the 1532 Chambery fire, and are probably very ancient, dating to the very first centuries of Christianity.
  • The idea is not mine. It has been originally proposed by Krzysztof Tarnowski, writing under the pen name “Nex Arnov” in his book Całun Turyński jest prawdziwy: zmartwychwstanie relikwii Chrstusa (The Shroud of Turin is real: resurrection of the Christ’s relic). It is a little bit amateurish work, definetly pro-authencity (the author is convinced that the 1988 C-14 test is a result of some plot), but has some good insights (and at least one brilliant, which I presented). And the parody description how Templars created the Shroud –marvelous.