popular exhibits in building include . . . life-size copy of the Shroud of Turin

imageCOSTA MESA, CALIF. (April 29, 2014) — Trinity Broadcasting Network, the world’s largest religious broadcaster and America’s favorite faith-and-family channel, announced that its international headquarters in Costa Mesa, California has been named the Dr. Paul F. Crouch Sr. International Centre in honor of the global Christian network’s late founder, who passed away on November 30th of last year.

Originally dedicated as Trinity Christian City International on TBN’s twenty-fifth anniversary in 1998, the picturesque facility and campus house the flagship studio and production center for the Christian network launched by Paul and Jan Crouch on May 28, 1973 with one low-power station in Southern California. Today TBN reaches a potential viewing audience of well over one billion individuals and families through 37 domestic full-power stations and 27 international networks reaching every inhabited continent via 87 satellites and 20,000 television and cable affiliates.

“My father, Paul Crouch, had a God-given vision to reach every corner of the earth with the gospel message through the miracle of television,” said TBN Vice President Matthew Crouch. “Through God’s power — and with the help of countless partners all over the earth — he was blessed to see that vision come to fruition, and had the joy of passing the baton on to a new generation to carry that vision forward. He was a true trailblazing broadcast pioneer and it is fitting that this global center for Christian television be named in his honor.”

Along with re-naming the facility after its founder, TBN has unveiled the Dr. Paul F. Crouch Sr. Memorial Room, which is open to the public and features many historically significant exhibits and items from the life and ministry of Dr. Crouch.

In addition to serving as TBN’s international headquarters and the flagship studio for its award-winning daily Praise the Lord music, ministry, and talk show, the Dr. Paul F. Crouch Sr. International Centre is the public face of the network and a welcoming destination each year for thousands of friends and partners of TBN. Among the popular exhibits open daily to guests are:

– TBN’s famed Virtual Reality Theater, an unforgettable viewing experience which features some of TBN’s most popular and impacting big-screen films, includingThe Revolutionary, One Night With the King, Carman the Champion, and The Omega Code.

– A dramatic, interactive recreation of the Via Dolorosa, the street in the old walled city of Jerusalem upon which the suffering Savior carried His cross to Calvary.

A life-size recreation of the Shroud of Turin, which many Christians throughout the centuries have believed is the actual burial cloth of Jesus.

– Beautifully manicured gardens and magnificent fountains, along with spectacular murals and artwork throughout the building — including an inspiring reproduction of the classic statue of Michael the Archangel defeating satan.

Guests can also take a tour behind the scenes at the TBN flagship studio and may even participate as part of the audience in a live taping of TBN’s Praise the Lord program.

“Throughout TBN’s first forty years my father emphasized how crucial our many friends and partners around the world are to the ongoing success and fruitfulness of this broadcast outreach,” said Matthew Crouch. “We are privileged through the Dr. Paul F. Crouch Sr. International Centre to share his vision and to continue that outreach across the earth.”

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With 27 networks and growing worldwide, the Trinity Broadcasting Family of Networks is the world’s largest faith-and-family television group, airing a broad range of church and ministry programming, Christian music, family friendly movies, children’s programming, and shows for teens and young adults 24 hours a day to every inhabited continent via 87 satellites and 20,000 television and cable affiliates. In addition, TBN’s most popular global networks are available on computers, smart phones, and other mobile devices, and over 25,000 hours of entertaining and inspiring On-Demand programming is accessible via TBN’s innovative online network, iTBN.org. To find out more about the Trinity Broadcasting Family of Networks, log on to www.tbn.org.

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