imageThis appears as the April Newsletter for the conference scheduled for October 9-12, 2014:

Posted by St. Louis Shroud Conference Administrator on Monday, April 28, 2014

We are now about 5 1/2 months away from the conference. The Most Reverend Michael Sheridan, a St. Louisan who is currently bishop of Colorado Springs, will be presenting a talk on the theme of the conference: the Shroud being the controversial intersection of faith and science. The day and time of the talk will be announced at a later date.

Also attending the conference is Prof. Bruno Barberis, Director of the International Center of Sindonology in Turin. The Center was founded in 1959 and is the scientific consultant to the Papal Custodian of the Shroud – the Archbishop of Turin – and of the Turin Shroud Committee. It promotes hundreds of round tables and meetings on the Shroud, both Italy and abroad. Prof. Barberis will likely be presenting 1 or 2 papers. Also in attendance will be several members of the Shroud of Turin Research Project team that studied the Shroud for five days in 1978.

Numerous abstracts have been submitted, and the final program will be announced around the beginning of June. If you register before June 1, you get $30 off the registration fee. Plan to join us for what promises to be an exciting conference.